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Spring-loaded Tower Shield[edit]

Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
55 gp 0/+3 —/16 —/Disadvantaged 18 lb.

This shield is made up of a complex set of heavy-duty parts that fold up into a small bracer, offering no bonus to AC when not in use. While the shield is in this state, the hand that holds it is considered free.

The wearer can activate the Spring-loaded Tower Shield as a bonus action on their turn, causing it to unfold and start offering +3 to AC and acting identical to a regular Tower Shield (5e Equipment), while in this state the wearer is disadvantaged on stealth rolls. Any abilities that don't work in conjunction with using a shield (such as Monk's Unarmored Movement) are only suppressed when the shield is unfolded.

The wearer must use an action on their turn to refold the shield again. The shield retains its weight of 18lbs at all times.

Construction Requirements = 2 Tower Shields, 2lbs of Tinkering Supplies, 5 hours Construction Time.

Alternative- When folded, acts as a small buckler, +1 AC, considered holding an item in that hand.

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