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Spider Obsession [General][edit]

You are obsessed with spiders.
Prerequisite: Any Non-Drow.
Benefit: The character is treated as a Drow for purposes of Prestige classes and Feat selection, etc, but still may take feats or prestige classes that specify "Non-Drow" as a perquisite. This includes anything that has such a perquisite. If a character gains an ability that improves a Drow ability (like spell-like abilities), they instead gain the ability that it improves (unless they already have it, in which case it improves as normal. The character cannot become a Drow Paragon in this way.
Normal: A character may only take "Drow-only" prestige classes etc if they are a Drow.
Special: You must take this feat at first level, unless you have a reason for becoming suddenly spider-obsessed (you read an interesting book on spiders or are attacked by a monstrous spider, for example). The DM must judge whether or not your reason is applicable if you take this feat above first level.

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