Spellsword Shield Expertise (3.5e Feat)

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Spellsword Shield Expertise [General][edit]

Improves a Spellsword's ability to use shields
Prerequisite: At least one level in the Spellsword Prestige Class (Complete Warrior), Arcanist Buckler Speciality
Benefit: BEFORE your Spellsword Ignore Spell Failure class feature is taken into account, you can ignore the Arcane Spell Failure of light shields, and treat heavy shields as if they only had a 5% failure chance. For example, a first level Spellsword wears a Mithral Twilight Breastplate and a Heavy Shield. The shield normally has a 15% arcane spell failure chance. However, with this feat is only has 5%, easily defeated by the Ignore Spell Failure class feature, with enough left over to cover the breastplate.
Normal: Light - 5%; Heavy -15%
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