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Spellcasting [General][edit]

You have dabbled in magic.
Prerequisite: Minor Magic, Major Magic, Concentration 1 rank.
Benefit: Select one spellcasting class. You gain the ability to cast spells as if you had acquired a number of levels in a chosen spellcasting class (rounded up). The number of levels is as follows:

+0.75 level (cleric, druid, sorcerer, wizard) +1.5 levels (bard) +3 levels (paladin, ranger)

The first time you select this feat, you gain +1 more level than normally granted by the above levels. So the first time this is selected, your effective level will be 1.75 (rounded down to 1), 2.5 (rounded down to 2) or 4th. You always round down, but accumulate your total before doing so. You must meet all the class requirements for the chosen spellcasting class, if any (such as a paladin being lawful good and a wizard preparing their spells and gathering material components). You face the same restrictions and necessities that the chosen class faces with spellcasting, but none of the other benefits or features (such as suffering the druid restriction of being unable to cast spells in metal armor but not their ability to spontaneously convert a spell to a summon natures ally spell). These spellcasting levels stack if you actually have class levels in your chosen class, just like the bonuses to existing spellcasting levels from prestige classes.
Special: You can select this feat multiple times and stack the levels of spellcasting it grants. However, you cannot use it to select more than one spellcasting class and your effective spellcasting level can never exceed your actual HD.

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