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Spell Knot

Prerequisites: Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma of 13 or higher
You gain the ability to form a Spell Knot in the back of your mind.

  • Concentration spell in your Spell Knot ignore the Casting another spell that requires concentration portion of the concentration rules but must abide by the rest.
  • While maintaining concentration on a spell, you can spend a action to transfer it into your Spell Knot with a successful Constitution check against a DC of 5+ the spell level, on a failure you lose concentration on the spell. If your Spell Knot already contains a spell they are swapped instead.
  • A bonus action can return a spell from your Spell Knot to your concentration

This feat may be taken multiple times, with a new Spell Knot gained each time.
Spell knots are physically draining, each Spell Knot you have active beyond the first drains 1 hit point per maintained spell level per round.

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