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A man is walking down a road in a grassland. Suddenly, groups of hobgoblins spring out from among the grass, smiling at such an easy prey. Then, the man disappears, and in a streak of light, all of the hobgoblins are dead.

The Celerity Magic[edit]

The Celerity Magic is the Magic that is created where the Elemental Chaos and inner planes connect. It is what gives all Speedborn their powers of super speed and agility.

Creating a Speedborn[edit]

As you create a Speedborn, how did your character gain his speed. Was he/she born with this speed or gained it through a freak accident? Did he/she help others with it,or use it for their own gain?

Quick Build

You can make a Speedborn quickly by following these suggestions. First, Dexterity should be your highest ability score, followed by Wisdom and then Constitution. Second, choose the Folk Hero background.

Class Features

As a Speedborn you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Speedborn level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Speedborn level after 1st


Armor: None
Weapons: Light, Finesse, Unarmed Strikes
Tools: None
Saving Throws: Dexterity and Wisdom
Skills: Acrobatics and choose 2 from Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Insight, Investigation, Perception, Performance, Arcana, and Deception


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) One light weapon or (b) One finesse weapon
  • (a) Explorer's Pack or (b) Dungeoneer's Pack
  • 2 Daggers
  • If you are using starting wealth, you have 2d4x10 in funds.

Table: The Speedborn

Level Proficiency
Unarmed Strike Features
1st +2 1d4 Kinetic Defense, Dynamic Manipulation
2nd +2 1d4 Joules, Rapid Step, Strike Overdrive
3rd +2 1d4 Archetype Feature, Speed Actions
4th +2 1d4 Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 1d6 Accelerated Processing, Rapid Movement, Extra Attack
6th +3 1d6 Lightning Run, Dynamic Manipulation Improvement, Speed Action Improvement
7th +3 1d6 Archetype Feature, Evasion
8th +3 1d6 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 1d8 Gravity Run
10th +4 1d8 Phasing
11th +4 1d8 Speed Action Improvement, Strike Overdrive Improvement
12th +4 1d8 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 1d8 Archetype Feature, Enhanced Metabolism
14th +5 1d8 Swift Mind
15th +5 1d10 Extra Attack Improvement
16th +5 1d10 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 1d10 Accelerated Reflexes, Speed Action Improvement, Strike Overdrive Improvement
18th +6 1d10 Archetype Feature
19th +6 1d10 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6 1d10 Speed Scouts

Kinetic Defense[edit]

You move with such agility that enemies have trouble hitting you. At level 1, your base Armor Class, while you are unarmored, equals 13 + your Dexterity modifier. This reflects enemies' inability to hit you rather than an attack glancing off you or you withstanding the blow, and Level 11 your Armor Class is equal 10 + double your Dexterity modifier.

Dynamic Manipulation[edit]

At first level, you have just opened yourself to the Celerity Magic, you have no use for cumbersome weapons or armor as you zip about at high speed, they would simply slow you down. You gain the following benefits while you don't wear armor:

  • You have an increase in your base speed every level equal to your proficiency bonus times 5. This becomes times 10 at level 11.
  • Your DC for effects equals 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier.
  • When you use the Attack action with an unarmed strike on your turn, you can make one unarmed strike as a bonus action.
  • you use Dexterity Modifier in place of Strength for hitting the enemies and can roll a d4 in place of the normal damage of your unarmed strike This die changes as you gain speedborn levels, as shown in the Speedborn column of the Speedborn table. Additionally, At level 6, your unarmed strikes count as magical and do extra lightning damage equal to your Wisdom modifier.


At level two, you have energy surges from the Celerity Magic, which are measured in Joules. The amount of Joules you have equals your speedborn level + your Wisdom Modifier + Dexterity modifier (if your Wisdom modifier or Dexterity modifier is negative treat it as 0). You regain all Joules after a long rest. On a short rest, you regain joules equal to double your Wisdom score. The number of joule points you have can’t go below 0.

While in battle the Speedborn can regain Joules in the following ways:

  • A critical hit with an unarmed strike gives joules equal to your Wisdom Modifier.
  • When you take lightning or thunder damage of a spell you gain Joules equal the spell’s level.

Rapid Step[edit]

At level 2, you have learned how to siphon extra energy from the Celerity Magic. For one Joule, you double your speed for this turn.

Strike Overdrive[edit]

At level 2 On your turn for 3 joules, you can deal an extra 1d4 lightning damage on all unarmed strikes. You can use this feature a number of times equal to half your Wisdom modifier (rounded up a minimum of once). You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest. The damage vary when you reach certain levels in this class, turn to 1d6 at 11th level and 1d8 at 17th level

Speedborn Archetypes[edit]

At third level, you choose if you want to become a Kinetic Speedborn or a Chronal Speedborn. These archetypes grant features at this level and at level 7th, 13th, and 18th.

Speed Actions[edit]

At level 3 you have learned how to use your speed in a fight effectively. You gain 3 Speed Actions at this level and 1 more at 6th, 11th, and 17th level. Each of these abilities takes one action unless otherwise noted.

  • Supersonic Strike: For 3 Joules, you run forward, using all of your speed to strike one opponent. For every 15 feet you travel without changing direction, you gain a +1 to attack rolls, + 1d6 to the damage and knocks them back 5 feet, this effect lasts until end of turn(This stacks, 30 feet moved = +2 attack rolls, 2d6 damage, 10 ft knocked back. Max attack bonus and damage dice = speedborn level).
  • Deflect Missiles: For 1 Joule, you can use your reaction deflect or catch the missile when you are hit by a ranged weapon attack. When you do so, the damage you take from the attack is reduced by 1d10 + your Dexterity modifier + your speedborn level. If you reduce the damage to 0, you can catch the missile if it is small enough for you to hold in one hand and you have at least one hand free. If you catch a missile in this way, you can spend 1 additional Joule to make a ranged attack with the weapon or piece of ammunition you just caught, as part of the same reaction. You make this attack with proficiency, regardless of your weapon proficiencies, and the missile counts as a speedborn weapon for the attack.
  • Lightning Toss (Prerequisite 11th level): For 5 Joules, you cast Lightning Bolt as a third level spell. (can spend 2 extra Joules to increase the spell level by one) You can't use this action again until you complete a short rest.
  • Speed Lend/Take (Prerequisite 11th level): For 5 Joules, you cast Haste or Slow on one person, giving or taking Celerity Magic from them.
  • Group Breaker: For 3 Joule, You speed around an area (Area covered = Speed) every hostile creature makes a Dexterity save against your DC. If they fail, then you can either attack every hostile creature in the circle once, knock them prone, or knock them back 10 feet. For every damage dice you roll, the joule cost increases by 1.
  • Quick Reactions: For 1 Joule, you can take the Dodge, Dash or Disengage as a bonus action.
  • Heal of time: (Prerequisite chronal speedborn archetype) As an action, you touch a creature and spend X Joules equal to 1/3 your speedborn level (rounded up) and heal this creature by Xd8.
  • Undo: (Prerequisite chronal speedborn archetype, 17th level) For 4 Joules you touch a creature and undo damage taken, negating the last source of damage completely
  • Furious Blows: (Prerequisite kinetic speedborn archetype) Immediately after you take the Attack action on your turn, you can spend 1 Joule to make two unarmed strikes as a bonus action.
  • Thunderous Blow: (Prerequisite kinetic speedborn archetype) As an action, you can spend 2 Joules to cast Thunderwave. You can spend an additional 2 Joules to increase the spell slot Thunderwave is cast at by 1
  • Lightning Punch Barrage: (Prerequisite kinetic speedborn archetype) For 3 joules if you use Furious Blows and succesfully attack your target with both unarmed attacks, you may make an attack roll for one more unarmed attack (for each 3 joules spended you may make one more unarmed attack)

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Accelerated Mental Processing[edit]

At level 5, your mind has begun to speed up as well. You now have proficiency in 2 additional skills.

Extra Attack[edit]

At level 5, You are so fast that your speed has contributed to your attack speed. Whenever you make use the Attack Action, you can make one additional attack, You get a third attack at level 15.

Rapid Movement[edit]

At level 5, Your control and understanding of celerity magic has increased, not only are you able to move quickly but also act quickly. When you use the rapid step action you can choose to spend Joules equal to your Wisdom modifier to gain a second action. You can only do this once per long rest at this level, and twice at 17th level.

Lightning Run[edit]

At level 6, you begin to produce lightning behind you as you run, when you use the Dash action, difficult terrain doesn't cost extra movement on that turn. Additionally you have resistance to lightning damage.


Beginning at 7th level, you can nimbly dodge out of the way of certain area effects, such as a red dragon's fiery breath or an Ice Storm spell. When you are subjected to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw, you instead take no damage if you succeed on the saving throw, and only half damage if you fail. On top of this, you move so fast that opponents have trouble hitting you as you fly past them. You can spend 1-3 joules to add a +1 to +3 to your AC against opportunity attacks.

Gravity Run[edit]

At level 9, you have gained enough speed to defy gravity. On your turn, you can move up walls and across water without falling during that move.


At 10th level, you have learned how to manipulate your body with celerity. You can spend 3 Joules to start Phasing. While Phasing, you begin to pass over the Ethereal Plane and can pass through solid matter as if it was difficult terrain for one minute. If you stop Phasing while in something solid and aren't within 10 feet of open space, you are considered dead. If you are within 10 feet of an open space, you are shunted to that space, taking 3d10 bludgeoning damage. Additionally, if you try to pass through anything magically warded, you take 3d8 bludgeoning damage and you are knocked prone.

Enhanced Metabolism[edit]

At level 13, your metabolism has sped up with you. You have gainede a pool of health points equal to your maximum amount of Joules points. As an action, you can heal yourself, Also, you are immune to disease and have resistance to poison damage.

Swift Mind[edit]

At level 14, your mind has sped up so much no one can read it. Your mind cannot be read unless you want it to be. In addition, you have advantage against the frightened and charmed conditions. (You can still be attacked mentally)

Accelerated Reflexes[edit]

At level 17, your reflexes are unparalleled. No attack roll has advantage against you while you aren’t incapacitated. Additionally, as a reaction, you can pay 1 Joule to start phasing to avoid an attack against you. This can also redirect the attack to another nonattacking creature within 5 feet of you, and use the original attack roll to determine if the attack hits the new target. This phasing ends at the end of the current turn.

Speed Scouts[edit]

At level 20, you have become so fast that you can split into 2 people. For 15 Joules, you can cause your character to disappear. In your character's stead, there are 2 identical versions of your character. They are exactly like your character but

  • Each of the new characters has 1/2 the hit points of the original character
  • Each of them has a maximum of 15 Joules
  • Each of them takes the same turn in the initiative sequence

These Speed Scouts are both under your control and merge to become the original character when one of them dies, or if you take an action to merge them.

Kinetic Speedborn[edit]

You have chosen to increase your speed through any means possible.

Kinetic Boost

At third level, you can harness speed off of other sources. when you take bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage, you can spend 1 Joule to gain a 10 feet bonus that lasts until the end of your next turn. (This does not stack) Additionally, you have advantage on Insight checks on seeing if someone is lying.

Energy Transfer

At level 7, magic is just another source of power for you. When you are targeted by a spell that involves Fire, Cold, Force, Lightning, or Thunder energies, you can use your reaction to gain temporary hit points equal to triple the level of the spell (does not stop damage for that spell), and you have an increase of 5 feet base. These effects last until the end of your next turn.

Reality Tear

At level 13, You can go so fast that you can tear holes in the world. For 10 Joules, you can cast Teleport or Plane Shift. (At the DMs discretion, using this ability multiple times may have adverse effects on the world and the character)

Vortex Run

At level 18, you can move so fast that you can. When you use your reaction on a creature's turn, you can pay 2 Joules to gain an additional reaction on another turn. This additional reaction can only be used during this turn order. You can use this ability again once your next turn starts.

Chronal Speedborn[edit]

You have decided to command time and make it do your bidding.

Minor Time Travel

At level 3, you have gained some measure of time travel. For two Joules, you can reverse time a little and re-roll one saving throw, skill roll or death saving throw and you can use either roll. You can spend two more Joules to do this again.

Speed Stop

At level 7, spending 6 Joules you stop time momentarily, running to a spot, then resuming time, in essence teleporting. The distance is equal to your speed. You may make an attack with advantage following time resuming.

Chrono Construct

At level 13, you can make solid time constructs. You can make armor that is flexible, make weapons, or just plates. The size of the object must not be bigger than your size and you must be within 20 feet of it. You concentrate on this construct, as if concentrating on a concentration spell.

Time Stop

At level 18, you can spend 13 Joules to cast Time Stop. You must complete a short rest before you can use this feature again.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the speedborn class, you must meet these prerequisites: Dexterity 15

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the speedborn class, you gain the following proficiencies: Light, Finesse Weapons, Unarmed Strikes

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