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The mighty blow, the stoutest foe, but all should know, as I behold, no one rose that day who wasn't under the pay of Meloku's gang
Douie Solitude, Famed Bard
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Campaign Setting

If the Xinel mines of Drella Leoninstine can be called Miner's Hell, then the massive mines of South Zineland must be Miner's Heaven. Kennet & Ko. control the mine's day-to-day operations, which the entire country works around.
—Sir TwoTone Trollbane, Tips for Travelers

South Zineland
Duke Kilrey Longtail
Predominant Race
Predominant Language
Predominant Religion

South Zineland

Much like its neighbor to the north, South Zineland lives and breathes by the daily happenings at its great Quarry. The kobolds of the land work hard daily to ensure that every valuable possible is pulled from the mines.

Major Settlements & Regions


Perfada is the capital and second-largest city in the country. It houses the country's small percentage of non-mine/quarry workers.

Camp K Worksite

The largest settlement is Camp K, which is the largest single quarry camp of either Zineland.

Culture of South Zineland

National Leaders

Duke Kilrey Longtail serves as the country's representative in the senate and official leader, but Kennett & Ko is the de facto ruler of the land. They employ an astonishing 98 percent of the population in the mines and quarry. K&K have their Zineland field office located in the country's capital of Perfada, and atleast one of the Kobold Knights of the company are always present and administring the day to day operations at the mine.

National Politics

Outside of ensuring the future value rates of its export, South Zineland has never had any major effect on the politics of the Senate. Other than its gems and jewels, the South Zineland Technical Institutes around the country are considered the best in the world for on-hand training in numerous mechanical, electrical, and basic labor lines of work.

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