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Started by Orochimaru as a means to continue and expand upon his human experimentation, the Hidden Sound Village consists of modified and exceptionally gifted shinobi who are trained to their maximum potential and studied until their biological abilities can be recreated. The village also contains a massive stockpile of “human cattle” upon which are either caged or undergoing incredibly dangerous experimentation.

While the Hidden Sound Village is Orochimaru’s main settlement, he has also founded a handful of intricate hideouts throughout the shinobi world.

Sound Village Genin[edit]

Name CR
Dosu 6
Kin 6
Kotohime 5
Misumi 4
Mitsuki 9
Yoroi 4
Yukimaru 7
Zaku 6

Sound Village Chunin[edit]

Name CR
Amachi 12
Jirobo 10
Kagero 10
Kajika 9
Karin 12
Kidomaru 10
Kigiri 10
Kiho 10
Log 11
Mizuki 12
Nurari 10
Rinji 10
Sakon/Ukon 11
Sasuke, Sasuke Recovery Mission 12
Suigetsu 14
Tayuya 10

Sound Village Jonin[edit]

Name CR
Arashi 14
Gozu 14
Guren 16
Jugo 14
Kabuto 16
Kimimaro 15
Mecha-Naruto 15
Nine-Tailed Clone 20
Sasuke, Cursed 14
Shin Uchiha 16

Sound Village Kage[edit]

Name CR
Jugo, Boruto 20
Kabuto, Orochi 20
Kimimaro, Healthy 20
Nine-Tailed Clone, Ama no Hoko 20
Orochimaru 20

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