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Greater Deity
Symbol: The Tribar


Home Plane: The Great Catacomb-Libraries
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Eternity, Scholarship, Fascination, Biology, Research without biases
Clergy Alignments: In general any neutral, but it is more the devotion to knowledge than the alignment
Domains: Animal, Knowledge, Mind, Time, Magic
Favored Weapon: Spear and Helbard (Alternativly: Battle Book*)

Sophotherion, also known as the Great Professor or The Eternally Curious, is an draconic entity of inhuman genius and incomprehensive age, as well as an absent-minded professor (for a god). He aims for omniscience and to see the entirety of events and natural history unfold. He has a fine but quite dark and snarky sense of humour. It should be noted that Sophotherion is indeed a unique planar Dragon instead of an outsider. He at times does take the form of Aboleths or Kraken, however. His manifestations and avatars are often reminiscent in power of intellectual casters, such as Wizards, Archivists, Biomancers([1]) and Psions.


According to the Eternally Curious, knowledge is the greatest goal of all. However, you shall never see any knowledge as given (even the Great Professor sees himself as fallible and not possessing perfect knowledge) and always be critical, testing theories and discarding disproven ones if others are closer to reality. The greatest virtue of Sophotherion is the ability of rational analytical thought, and therefore his followers try to analyse their biases. and flaws of their theories, elemenating the remaining ones in collaboration. Sophotherion is oppossed to the concept of Blasphemy and "Forbidden Knowledge" -nothing should be unthinkable- and Mysticism.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Sophotherion is not really worshipped as ín most religion, which would indeed be strongly oppossed to his viewpoint. Instead, his teachings actually are a heuristic methodology practised by countless scholars because it is the most efective one. The Eternally Curious does not employ many Clerics, and those who do are virtually always Cloistered Clerics. However, he is very strongly revered under Intelligence-based casters like wizards and other scholars as a important philosopher. If asked by his fellow gods what his temples are, he usually responds by considering universities, laboratories and libraries as his place of "worship".


Most of the Divine Servants of Sophotherion are mighty Dragons. The most powerful of these is the Great Legendary Prismatic Wyrm known as Partelemnax, The Brilliant Brain.


In times long past, the world was threatened by a god of oblivion and ignorance, whose power was that immense that in most cases, even gods would forget _ actually existed when _ was not there to be seen. Only one god had a mind that immense he could remember _, and even he could not remember the name (therefor, it is called _)-Sophotherion. And fortunatly, he was capable of memorising something even more dangerous: _ planned to reduce everything to dull, static nothingness without any information. As this would mean there would not be nothing to learn, this was one of the few times the Eternally Curious deemed interference necessary. Indeed, he managed to find and defeat _, but now he sensed that he began to forget about _. So he transported the remains to the Great Library-Catacombs and placed them in an top security laboratory. They proved to be very dangerous when Termepio-Hinoj invaded and heavily damaged the security measures, when they grieviously injured him- the beginning of his descend into anti-intellectual bitterness... Even most gods of the time have only superficial knowledge about _, but it is enough that many gods are very grateful of Sophotherion and his great intellect.

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