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A leather pouch containing 2 small vials marked "A" and "B" and a small mixing stick, each vial contains approximately 10 doses. When equal parts "A" and "B" are mixed a chemical reaction occurs that causes combustion of the paste 1 minute later that is sufficient to set fire to flammable materials. If 1 part "A" is mixed with 10 parts "B" there is just enough time to smear the paste on a wound before causing 1d6 fire damage and cauterizing the injury. 10 parts "A" may be mixed with 1 part "B" to delay the reaction to 10 minutes but the material must be readily flammable, such as an oil soaked rag. Vials of "A" or "B" may be bought individually for 12gp

Cost: 25gp
Weight: .5

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