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Silver Point[edit]

Price per dose: 25,000 gp
Type: Any, except inhaled

A highly, if not the most dangerous poison, harvested from rare silverthorn flowers.
Silverthorn flowers exist only in the harshest, most extreme of environments, such as the tallest mountains or deepest pits of the Underdark. The flower is also extremely potent itself, having a contact poison (DC 10) to not die instantly.

A dose of silver point can only be of one poison type. When exposed to the effects of silver point, a creature must make a DC 18 Constitution saving throw or take one level of exhaustion. Every 12 seconds for 1 minute, if failed the first time, the creature must make this save again. Upon successfully saving 3 times before failing 3 times, the poison ends. upon 3 failures, the poison cannot end early, even if an antidote (DC 25 medicine check) is made. The 6th save's DC is higher, at DC 20.

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