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Ship Combat[edit]

While in a spacefaring vessel, such as a fighter or destroyer, movement speed can be used in any direction, except backward. To come to a complete stop, one must move half the speed they moved on their previous turn until they would move 15ft or less, at which point they stop. All ships present in Unearthed Arcana: Of Ships and the Sea are present, each representing various UNSC fighters. Their movement speed is whichever is fastest and represents engines, and their weapons are reflavored at plasma cannons. The Covenant has access to sailing ships, warships and galleys, representing spirit, phantom, and lich drop ships respectively, as well as banshees, being Large vehicles capable of holding a single Medium or smaller creature with the stats of a keelboat. The main ships in both the UNSC and Covenant navies are cruisers.

Size. Gargantuan
AC. 20
Hit Points. 50000, 1000 temporary
Damage Threshold 25
Crew and Passengers. 1 pilot; 1 gunner; 22 passengers.
Size Cruisers are 3,300x1,100x500 feet in size. They can help led up to 50 smaller aircraft in their hangar.

Speed Cruisers move at 2,000 miles per hour/200 miles per round (6 seconds)

Shields Cruisers have 1000 temporary hit points which refresh after not taking damage for 10 rounds (1 minute).

Multiattack. Cruisers can make 2 defensive cannon attacks when they take the Attack action, but they can not be on the same side (left/right/foreword/backward)

Defensive Cannons Ranged Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, range 4 miles/12 miles, one target. Hit: 88 (16d10) radiant damage.

Glassing Beam Covenant Specific. Can not attack airborne creatures. Charges for 5 minutes. Can attack any surface within 10 miles directly below the ship. Targets every creature on the surface attacked in a 5 mile radius. Deals 50d10 lightning and force damage. The attacked surface is reduced to a molten, volatile magma that cools to hard smooth, hard stone after 24 hours. Any creature that enters the magma takes 5d8 fire damage and must make grapple checks against a DC of 18.

MAC Cannon UNSC Specific. Charges for 3 turns. Attacks every creature in a 30ft radius at a range of 5 miles. Deals 8d10 force damage. If the target is killed, it attacks the next creature or ship along the same line at half damage.

UNSC Spacecraft[edit]

The following are the reflavorings for the UNSC

Covenant Vehicles[edit]

Extra-Vehicular Activity[edit]

While outside of a vehicle or inside a micro-gravity environment, such as a disabled ship, without a jetpack, combat harness, or set of Mjolnir armor, all creatures have a movement speed of 5 feet in all directions. The former has a flying speed equal to their walking speed, while the latter’s movement speed can be used on all surfaces due to magnetic boots. While not using armor sealant or a set of Mjolnir armor, being in the void of space uses the same rules as being under water, but you can hold your breath for half as many rounds before you begin to suffocate.


When a spacefaring vehicle is damaged by an attack, the pilot must succeed a DC 12 or half damage taken, whichever is higher, Wisdom(Survival) check. On a failure, one of the outmost rooms looses pressure. It has oxygen for 3 rounds, after which the crew in said room must hold their breath. Each successive hit can either damage another exterior room, or continue to the next layer. UNSC cruises are 10 layers in all directions. Covenant cruisers are 15 layers wide, 20 layers long, and 5 layers tall. Banshees and ground vehicles are 1 room. All other ships are 3 layers in all directions. All important components for piloting and manning weapons are in the inner most layer.

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