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Shield of Wardship [Class,Favored Soul][edit]

You devote yourself to the defense of others.
Prerequisite: Spontaneous Divine Spellcasting
Benefit: When you cast a divine spell that is on the Protection domain spell list, you can grant the target of the spell your Wardship, this gives a +1 bonus to AC and a +2 morale bonus on saves against spells or effects with the Death descriptor.Your Wardship ends when the spell ends or after an hour, whichever happens first.You can't apply this feat to a spell until the effects of your last Wardship have ended.
Special: A Favored Soul can choose to drop down to zero one of his energy resistances to gain Deathward and to give the target of the spell a number of temporary hitpoints equal to the Favored soul Charisma bonus plus the level of the spell.When the Favored Soul's wardship end, he looses the Deathward and his energy resistance is restored.

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