Sharpened Spear (Fallout Supplement)

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PL 2 Melee Weapon (Archaic Melee Weapons Proficiency)

Damage 1d8 Magazine
Critical 19-20 Size Large
Damage Type Piercing Weight 4 pounds
Range Increment Purchase DC 1 TU/10 Caps
Rate of Fire Restriction Common, West Coast


The sharpened spear is a wooden polearm fitted with a razor tip made of worked steel.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

  • Craft: (Parts DC: 50; Parts Used: 20; Craft DC 35; Time: 60h) The sharpened spear can be crafted at a Weapon Crafting Table with a Craft (mechanical) skill check if the crafter possesses the schematics for it.
  • Repair: (Parts DC: 40; Parts Used: 10; Repair DC 25; Time: 10h) A sharpened spear can be repaired with mechanical parts with a Repair check. Alternatively, another spear can be used in place of parts (a Repair check is still required). This weapon is affected by the Jury Rigging feat, and as such can use other similar sharpened weapons for parts if the feat is possessed.

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