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Sharingan (Alternative 3.5e) [General]

You have inherited a visual power passed down through your family's blood for generations (Ideas for this Feat came from a forum on, username Risada and based on the Feat already on this site)
Prerequisite: Must be taken at level 1, CON 15, DEX 15
Benefit: This is a scaling feat that improves with your HD.

When activated this feat increases your visual capabilities further, growing in power as you grow more powerful. The Sharingan may be activated as a free action for up to 1 minute per HD per day; this duration need not be used all at once and may be broken up as you wish. The Sharingan places a strain on your body's systems; exhausting the full maxumim duration will cause you to suffer from blurred vision (-2 to attack rolls, spot and search checks) for one hour; you also become fatigued. When active, the irises of your eyes turn blood red and have three curved teardrop-shapped black markings spaced evenly around the pupil.

All the following abilities of the Sharingan stack. All abilities marked as passive do not require your Sharingan to be activated

1HD: Users of the sharingan extend their awareness in combat into the future, reading the intentions of their opponents and improving their reactions

-You gain a +1 insight bonus to AC and on all saving throws. If caught in a situation where your Dexterity bonus isn’t applied to your Armor Class, this bonus to AC and saving throws does not apply. Passively you gain a +1 initiative bonus

3HD: You further the power of your sharingan and your combat awareness and reaction speed increases -You gain a +1 insight bonus to AC -You gain a +2 insight bonus on your attack rolls.

4HD: You gain a gaze attack once per round that has a limited ability to falsify one of the subject’s senses. The subject thinks she sees, hears, smells, tastes, or feels something other than what her senses actually report. You can’t create a sensation where none exists, nor make the subject completely oblivious to a sensation, but you can replace the specifics of one sensation with different specifics. For instance, you could make a human look like a dwarf (or one human look like another specific human), a closed door look like it is open, a vat of acid smell like rose water, a parrot look like a bookend, stale rations taste like fresh fruit, a light pat feel like a dagger thrust, a scream sound like the howling wind, and so on.

You can switch between senses you falsify round by round. You can’t alter the size of an object by more than 50% by using this power. Thus, you couldn’t make a castle look like a hovel, but you could make it look like a different castle, or a rough hillock of approximately the same size. If this power is used to distract an enemy manifester who is attempting to use his powers, the enemy must make a Concentration check as if grappling or pinned.

Because you override a victim’s senses, you can fool a victim who is using true seeing or some other method of gathering information, assuming you know that the victim is actively using such an effect and you can maintain concentration.

The effects last for 1 round, will negates, successive gaze attacks on the same target provide a stacking +2 bonus on the save and immunity to mind-affecting effects apply

7HD: Gain true seeing. +1 AC bonus

15HD: Mangekyo Sharingan -gain thieving mindlink as an ability

- +2 insight to AC

- +2 insight on damage rolls

- Your iterative attacks do not suffer a reduction in BAB
Special: Cannot take any other visual prowess feats with Sharingan.

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