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Shapeshift Druid (PHB2)Epic Level Progression[edit]

Epic Shapeshift Druid Variant (PHB2)[edit]

Table: The Epic Shapeshift Druid Variant

Hit Die: d8

Level Special
21st Master of Forms
24th Bonus Epic Feat
25th Improved Forms
28th Bonus Epic Feat

4 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Master of Forms: Starting at 21st level, the druid masters the art of shapeshifting and can get enhanced benefits from any of his forms.

When shapeshifting, all forms gain a +12 enhancement bonus to strength and 12 natural armor, and a +6 bonus to all saves (this bonus replaces any prior bonus the form may of had). Choose from your existing forms as a base form to determine land speed and attack type(s).

You can choose a size category smaller or up to 2 size categories larger than your current form for any form. For each size category larger you go from your normal size, increase your strength by an additional 4 and natural armor by an additional 2. (current size: +12 Strength and 12 Natural Armor, +1 size category: +16 Strength and 14 Natural Armor, +2 size categories: +20 strength and 16 Natural Armor)

When selecting your form, you may add enhancements from other forms to your current form. You can select from:

'Flight:' You gain wings. Your flight speed and category are dependent on your size category. Small to medium: 40 ft (good) Large: 60 ft (average) Huge: 80 ft Gargantuan (poor). You gain flyby attack as a feat while you have wings.

'Elemental:' You can choose an element to be imbued with. Fire, Air, Earth. Dependent on the form you gain different benefits. You gain immunity to the element you've selected, and are immune to critical hits. You are no longer required to breath. If you select Fire form, your attacks deal and additional 1d6 fire damage, and enemies hitting you with natural attacks or non reach weapons take 1d6 fire damage. If you select Air form, if you have a fly speed, increase the speed by 1/2 and improve the maneuverability to perfect. Earth form, you gain a burrow speed of 10 ft +5 per size category larger than medium. You gain a DR/5(--). Your bludgeoning attacks deal damage as though one size category larger.

'Mobility:' If you are size medium or smaller in form, you gain mobility as a bonus feat while in form.

'Greater Cleave:' If you are size large or larger in form, you gain Greater cleave as a bonus feat while in form.

'Improved Critical:' While in form, your claw, bite, and slam attacks gain the Improved critical feat.

Natural attacks: Your natural attacks in your various forms continue to gain enhancement bonuses to attack and damage rolls equal to 1/4 your druid level (+6 bonus at 24th, +7 bonus at 28th, and so forth).

Improved Forms: Starting at 25th level, the enhancement bonus to strength improves by +2 for all your forms and your natural armor improves by 1. This bonus increases to +4 strength and 2 natural armor at 29th level, +6 strength and 3 natural armor at 33rd level, and continues to improve by 2 strength and 1 natural armor every fourth level thereafter.

Bonus Feats: The epic Shapeshift druid gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic Druid bonus feats) every 4 levels after 20th.

Epic Druid Bonus Feat List: (See Epic Level handbook, pg 11).

Special: The epic Shapeshift Druid can choose to take monstrous feats instead of bonus epic druid feats. For every two monstrous feats selected in this fashion, the druid gets an additional bonus monstrous feat.

Epic Shapeshift Druid Bonus Monstrous Feat List: Weapon Focus (applies to any one type of natural attack), Weapon Specialization (applies to any one natural attack), Greater Weapon focus (applies to any one natural attack), Improved Weapon specialization (applies to any one natural attack), Improved critical (applies to any one natural attack), Improved Multi-attack, Improved Natural Armor, Improved Natural Attack (applies to any one natural attack), Devastating Critical, Fast Healing, Pounce (only applies to Predator and Ferocious Slayer forms), Rend (claw attacks only), Lock Jaw (Bite attacks only)

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