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Shadow Born[edit]

Never has a race inspired such controversy. Originating from ancient Elven spells, Shadow Born usually despise their creation. A Shadow Born likes to hide in shadows and the darkness, waiting for the right moment. A Shadow Born can never truly die, but more rather disbands and reforms later. The reformation of a shadow may take thousands of years. Though they are called a shadow, they do not disappear in light. The Shadow Born may change their form from a shadow to manifest a human body, though they lose some sneaking abilities they gain shadow magic.


Shadow Born at a glance appear as evil creatures, but if given time they will explain that they are in truth creatures who hate evil with every fiber of their being. Mostly laid back and slow to conflict, Shadow Born are keen observers and can easily discern when a situation has taken a turn for the worse quicker than most. Though not much in the way of leadership, Shadow Born are very influential and smooth talkers. Very quiet and stealthy, Shadow Born can use these traits as terrific spies and thieves.

Physical Description[edit]

Shadow Born are figures that appear as though they are composed of shadows, and while in human form a light shade of tan flesh. The means by which these shadow composed entities maintain their forms and don't simply dissipate are currently unknown. They stand about 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 feet tall, have pitch black "flesh", bear crimson slits for eyes and have long red or black hair.


Shadow Born can get along with other good aligned races well and will, if given the chance to explain themselves, but more often they are rejected and attacked because of their outwardly evil appearance and physical attributes. Elves and Shadow Born have a longstanding amicable history. Elves will often treat Shadow Born as one of their own.


Any Good: Shadow Born are always good and hate evil with every fiber of their being, Unless they are an arch-shadow. An arch-shadow is demonic, usually not finding interest in alignment.


Shadow Born live in all lands, never really finding a home but are welcome in any Elven society. First being cast from Elven spells, Shadow Born have been known to wander and roam the earth, fulfilling its drive to purify evil with the aide of night/darkness.


Most Shadow Born worship Notte, God of the Night. However some will worship Corellon Larethian.


Shadow Born speak Dronalianuss, the language of shadows, as well as Elven (Perfect) & may have Draconic as a bonus language.


Shadow Born are given names in Common with good meanings such as Hope, Prosperity, and Joy while others follow a dark meaning referring

to Night, Darkness, and Ghost.

Racial Traits[edit]

Shadow Born are tough to kill and very fast, but being composed of shadow makes them not all that strong. +2 Attack/+2 AC while in shadow/darkness/night. -2 Attack/-2 AC outside of shadow/during day/light.

  • +2 Strength, +4 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence , +3 Charisma: or +2 Strength, +3 Intelligence , +3 Charisma:
  • Outsider:
  • Medium: A Shadow Born does not gain any bonuses for being a medium creature.
  • Infinite Darkvision, 120 feet Low-Light Vision
  • Shadow Born base land speed is 40 feet.
  • +2 bonus to Armor Class.
  • Hide in Plain Sight: A Shadow Born can hide in plain sight when within 30 feet of shadows or darkness and are always hidden at night, they can also hide when being observed.
  • Freedom of Movement: Shadow Born can move about freely as if under the affect of the Freedom of Movement spell. This functions as a continuous supernatural ability.
  • Endure Elements: Shadow Born can exist comfortably in any environment as if under the affects of the Endure Elements spell and can survive survive on the Elemental Planes indefinitely. Like their Freedom of Movement special ability, this functions as a continuous supernatural ability.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Abyssal, Dronalianuss, Elven(perfect). Bonus Languages: Draconic, Sylvan, Halfling, Gnome, Celestial, Auran, Ignan, Terran, and Aquan.
  • Favored Class: Rogue
  • Teleport: can use Teleport at will, as the spell(Caster Level 14). The Shadar-Kai can only transport himself and his equipment, and is incorporeal for 1d4 rounds after the teleport. Recharges for 1d4 rounds. (supernatural ability)
  • Shadow Storage (Ex) : The Shadow can store their belongings in their shadow. their shadow is considered a pocket dimension with no limit to how much it can contain, though the object must fit through their shadow and as such cannot exceed their own size at the time, even should they increase the size of the shadow using the lighting. Living beings cannot be put in their shadow against their will, willing living beings cannot exit without assistance from the Shadow, should the Shadow die those in their shadow cannot escape.
  • Shadow Resistance: +6 racial bonus on saving throws against negative energy and death effects. Shadowkin are naturally resistant against the powers of negative energy.
  • Clear Thoughts: Shadowkin gain a +1 bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects. Kin are trained to have ordered, focused minds, and thus can more easily resist mental invasions.
  • Shadow Walk (Su) : Shadow Born can walk into shadows and move through them at her normal land speed. They cannot teleport from shadow to shadow and must have them connect if they wish to move to another shadow without leaving the shadow they currently inhabit.
  • Shadow Influence: Shadowkin are considered to be Native Outsiders in regard to all effects affecting such creatures, and Humanoids in regard to those relevant effects, such as charm person. They also show up on a detect shadow or detect magic effect, and can be harmed by a dispel shadow effect. Shadowkin are mortal, but are permanently touched by the powers and aura of the Shadow Plane, thus rendering them vulnerable to effects harming both outsiders and humanoids. They also have arcane energies in their very beings, and thus have a faint magical aura.
  • Soulcasting: Shadowkin have an innate arcane spellcasting ability unlike that of any other race. Having spent so long in an area of high energy influence, and having used magic to defend themselves for such a long time, the Shadowkin have evolved to become infused with arcane energies: it is born into their very souls. Soulcasting is different from other methods of casting, however. Soulcasters do not have spells per day, but instead “Aura Points”, which represent the energy remaining in the Soulcaster’s mind each day, similar to psionics, but different from it as well. Soulcasters must have a full night’s sleep (8 hours), and then meditate for thirty minutes to draw energy from their souls each day. All Shadowkin, regardless of class, posses 5 aura points. Unless they have levels in a Soulcasting class, however, this number never goes up. This is also separate from any spells gained from other spellcasting classes. It is not uncommon for a Kin to become a Wizard or Bard in order to gain new spells and cast differently, and they are the only race that can choose to be a Sorcerer. All other races are born with the talent for Sorcery, and develop it eventually as they learn to be more efficient in dividing up their power for the day; Kin may choose this path as a different way of casting, a different “magic philosophy”, so to speak. Thus, both a Shadowkin Fighter and a Shadowkin Wizard have 5 aura points and the following spells in addition to (and separate from) all regular class features: Light, Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Mending, Detect Undead, Hide from Undead. Each 0-level spell costs 1 Aura Point (AP), and each 1-level spell costs 2. Unless they are of a Soulcasting class, they never gain more AP or more spells other than those listed here; these abilities represent inborn power and childhood training to control said power that all Kin have. A Soulcaster who runs out of AP becomes fatigued until at least one point is regained. Points are regenerated by sleeping 8 hours, which fully restores all Aura Points, or by spending time in any consecrated, desecrated, hallowed, or unhallowed area, at the rate of one per hour. The alignment of any such area does not have to match yours, as these areas are ones of intense spiritual power, and strengthen all such abilities. Soulcasting spells posses no verbal, somatic, or material components (they are cast in the same way as spell-like abilities.)They do have displays similar to those of Psionics, allowing Spellcraft to identify the ability being used, however. The default display is a visual glow of silver light that provides no illumination around the hand or Arcane Focus of the Kin. Casting time is one standard action unless a longer casting time is mentioned in the spell descriptor. However, if a spell calls for an XP component, a unique or costly arcane material component (such as the gem for Trap the Soul) or an arcane focus (or divine focus, in the case of divine spells cast in this arcane form), they must provide it. The default Arcane Focus for Soulcasting spells requiring Divine Focuses is a Shadowkin rune or symbol; this is usually the tribal marking tattooed on the Kin’s body, often a small mark over the heart, or on the arm. These marks, which are standard Darken runes, can be written on a nearby object and then used, if no mark is available.
  • Immune to diseases
  • Immune to poison

Vital Statistics[edit]

Shadow Born do not physically age and can only be killed by swords and other sharp weapons during battle.

Table: Shadow Born Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5' 6" +1d12 0 lb. × 0 lb.
Female 5' 6" +1d10 0 lb. × 0 lb.

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