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Rating: 2 / 5
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The Continent is in a state of turmoil as ancient knowledge is being rediscovered and the march of progress takes a step backward. Religious wars flares up in the wake of one contraventional monk that threaten to tear the realms apart. The idea of nationalism takes root among the races who live under vast empires who care not of cultures. External invaders are a constant worry as the Orcs make ready to invade the Continent again. Mercenaries once hired by the monarchies now turn to banditry to make money. Wild beast also seem to roam the countryside and it seems the last wave of the Dark Plague will hit the realms shortly when the eastern lands have already reported high death tolls. Endless wars have turned the once fertile lands in the middle of the Continent into the barren fields with most of the residents in these times just along for the ride.

The world is mostly based on the Renissance and the The Iliad when it comes to tone or how one should set the mood.

Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

This is meant to show how classes would act differently from the player's handbook.
Races have various different cultures and histories for those that live in separate regions of the Continent.
Magic plays an important part in the lives of those that are commonly affected by it. The views of most among the realms on all things magical are more hostile.
Countless gods have existed since time immemorial with supposedly divine interventions but only the popular ones are still worshipped.
The World
The independent realms, cultures, and the peoples with the places they inhabit.
Notable individuals alive during these times.
There are many different magical creatures and monsters that plague the world.

History of the (known) world[edit]


This details how the people of the Continent measures time.


From right before the beginning of recorded history to the present.


Summaries on the different socities that exist within the realms.

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