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Vilda Jeagen[edit]

The less elaborate depiction of the Dark Ones who would strike fear into the heart of peasants and warriors alike.

It is also known as Nakt Gaist, Schvaz Ridder, and the Dark Ones. The former two names respectively translated into Common as "Night Ghosts" and "Black Riders". There are tales of these heavily armored warriors descending from the sky during twilight to attack settlements. Their oldest name of Vilda Jeagen comes from Althochalimanisch which records them as "Evil Hunters" back when the monk Edrikt chronicles them in 1262 AT. The name Nakt Gaist was adopted from local Rheenisch folklore about phantoms which come down from the heavens after sunset to abduct kids. Schvaz Ridder comes from a Skanzen oral history of an ill omen where the sky turns pitch black and riders gallop forth to kill people in oil-soaked armor. The depictions of their mounts are said to be anything from strange muscular unicorns to decaying undead horses and other times, eldritch metal things. Likewise, their armor can be anything from the oily black plate armor, dark leathery suits, or bones painted black covering them. Seen often with strangely curved swords and light beams coming from them which can cause a person to spontaneously combust. Bullets do little to nothing to deter them and arrows or bolts get knocked away by a low-pitch sound coming from their armor. As mysterious as they are deadly, rarely does anybody survive an encounter with the Vilda Jeagen. This band of warriors has been attacking villages and even towns for the last 300 years. What is odder is their seemingly random reason to spare specific individuals and abduct children. Shaped in a manner similar to Elves or Humans there is almost nothing known about them other than they don't appear to be inhabitants of this realm. Going so far as to hire mages to track them down, one Jutisch noble investigated a village in the aftermath of an attack. There his mages told him, "Other than the burning huts, we can't find any evidence, magical or otherwise, that they even exist."


They are not the fabled Merfolk of the seas but more so a vicious predator the hunts unassuming fishers.

(Also known as Neck or Nikker or Nokke or Näck or Näkki) They are a type of aquatic monster that first appeared as far back as 300 years Before Transition which is almost 1700 years ago. It is known that some claim them to be water spirits, but the reality of the matter is they are a physical type of shape-shifting creature who preys upon the weak, foolish, and young who wonder near rivers they inhabit. They might seem humanoid but their legs are replaced with a fishtail, webbed hands, and teeth as large and sharp as sharks. When attacking the eyes also become totally black lacking an iris and another dangerous feature is they seem to be able to track blood underwater. Monster-Hunters known as "Viedzhmin" in Tallia were the first to the notice that much like Werewolves and Vampires, they were easily poisoned by silver as well. From the Viedzhmin was the long tradition of silver blades and arrow or bolt tips. Later experimentations within the Vilhelm Society at Nurrenborg has found out that they have a fatal allergic reaction to hornet stings and cactus juice. It is recommended that fire is the best way to scare them off but luring them to be burned with enchanted oil set upon the water's surface also works as well.

The Horsewomen of Chaos[edit]

Shown often with threatening and dark manner in artistic depictions.

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