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Seeker Of Truth[edit]

A human stands in front of a king's throne, wrath coursing through him. Sword held aloft, he recites the charges against the king. He swings his great sword down, cleaving the king in two.

An Elf draws her sword and begins her dance with death, spinning and and slashing at her enemies. She turns to slay the last, but sees her friend. The blade stops only an inch from the dwarf's startled face. Pain sears through her mind as she sinks to her knees, weeping.

Prestige Class: Seeker Of Truth[edit]

The Seeker Of Truth is appointed by a powerful wizard to bring forth the truth and be a beacon of justice. The Seeker is a law unto himself, upholding justice as he sees fit. this can be interrogating a peasant, or executing a king for treason. Seekers carry a weapon known as the Sword Of Truth, bound to them by the wizard who named them. This weapon is a tool of destruction, aiding the Seeker in his quest.


To qualify for multiclassing into the Seeker of Truth class, you must meet these prerequisites:

  • 10th character level
  • You must have a NPC Wizard name you 'Seeker Of Truth'
  • You must complete a quest for the Wizard to unearth some secret truth or ancient tome of knowledge
  • The Same Wizard must Bind a sword to you in a ritual lasting 24 hours, making it your 'Sword of Truth'
  • Charisma, Intelligence, and Strength 13

Class Features[edit]

As a Seeker Of Truth you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d12 per Seeker Of Truth level
Hit Points per Level: 1d12 (or 7) + Constitution modifier per Seeker Of Truth level


Level Proficiency
Wrath Uses Forgiveness Uses Features
1st 2 -- The Sword Of Truth, Wrath, Intent, Save DC
2nd 3 -- Fighting Style
3rd 3 -- True Speaker
4th 4 -- Ability Score Increase
5th 4 1 Forgiveness
6th 5 1 Glare
7th 5 1 Dance With Death
8th 6 2 Ability Score Increase
9th 7 2 True Sight
10th 8 3 Bringer Of Death

The Sword Of Truth[edit]

A Wizard has bound a sword to you, Making it your Sword Of Truth, A sword Of Truth is a magical Longsword With the following properties:

  • The Sword Becomes Silvered
  • The sword gains +1 to Attack and Damage rolls.
  • Whenever you kill a creature with the sword, you take an amount of psychic damage equal to half the amount of damage dealt by the killing blow.


When you draw your Sword Of Truth, you may use a bonus action to let the wrath of its magic flood through your body for one minute. While in the grip of the sword's fury, you gain the following effects:

  • You critically hit on a 19-20.
  • When you take the Attack action on your turn, you may make an extra attack with your Sword Of Truth as a bonus action.
  • Whenever you hit with a weapon attack you deal one extra die of the weapons type.
  • When you kill a creature with your sword of truth, you take psychic damage equal to the damage dealt on the killing blow/4.

You may use this feature a number of times determined by your Seeker level, and you regain all uses of this feature after a long rest.


The Sword Of Truth is a sentient magic item that judges your intent when you kill. If you attack a creature that is not hostile towards you, the attack fails and you take 1d8 psychic damage.

Seeker Save DC[edit]

For the effects of this class that would require a saving throw, the DC is equal to 8 + Charisma modifier + Strength modifier.

Fighting Style[edit]

Each Seeker has their own particular fighting style. Choose from one of the following:

Heroic Dueling When you are wielding the Sword of Truth, you get +2 to damage rolls made with the weapon.

Flashy Your Weapon attacks are stylized and distracting. When you succeed on a weapon attack, you may use your bonus action to force one creature within 30ft of you that can see you must make a Charisma saving throw equal to Your Seeker Save DC or have disadvantage on any attack roll not made against you until the beginning of your next turn.

Brutal When you wield your Sword Of Truth in two hands, a medium or smaller is hit by one of your weapon attacks, it must make a Strength saving throw equal to your Seeker Save DC or be knocked prone.

Dual Wielding You have Become adept at wielding your Sword Of Truth alongside other weapons. You may engage in two weapon fighing with your Sword Of Truth and any other one handed weapon without penalty.

True Speech[edit]

Your bond with the sword has matured, you gain a +5 to Insight and you can tell if you are being told a truth or a lie.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of you choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.


Starting at 5th level, during the duration of the wrath feature, you may use a bonus action to turn the blade of the Sword Of Truth white, letting love and forgivness replace the swords wrath. When you do this, the Sword Of Truth gains the following properties, in place of wraths features:

  • You Score a critical hit on an 18-20.
  • You deal an extra 2d8 radiant damage and 2d8 necrotic damage on a hit.
  • You take no damage from killing with the sword.
  • You may kill a creature that isnt hostile towards you, while taking half damage from the intent feature.

You may use this feature a number of times according to your Seeker level, and regain all expended uses of this feature over a long rest.


As the Wrath of the sword courses through your mind, you gain the following additional feature: When a creature hits you with a weapon attack you may use your reaction to glare at them. The creature must then make a Wisdom saving throw against your Seeker Save DC or be frightened of you for 1 minute. A creature frightened this way, it has disadvantage on attack rolls against you and you have advantage on attack rolls against it. A creature affected by this ability may choose to retry its saving throw at the end of each of its turns. You may use this ability once per short or long rest.

Dance With Death[edit]

As you delve deeper into the swords magic, by 7th level you learn to dance with death. When you use the wrath feature, you may enter this dance as a bonus action, lasting until the end of your next turn, adding the following features:

  • You gain +1 to AC.
  • Your movements do not cause opportunity attacks
  • You may take the disengage or dodge action as a bonus action
  • When you are hit with a weapon attack, you may use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your AC, potentially causing the attack to miss.

You may use this feature once and regain use of this feature over a long rest.

True Sight[edit]

The Sword's magic gives you one last gift to bring forth truth, you can use a bonus action to gain True Sight out to 120 feet for one minute. This ability is usable once per short or long rest.

Bringer Of Death[edit]

At 10th level you have taken the name, Bringer Of Death, and all that comes with it. When you roll a critical hit with your Sword Of Truth, If the target has fewer than 50 hit points, you kill it instantly with the sword.

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