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Scaling Binder [Fighter][edit]

You gain the ability to bind to powerful spirits to be yourself
Benefit: See below

This feat increases with your Charisma Score

10 Cha: You gain the ability to bind spirits to yourself. You gain the Bind Spirit ability. This is treated as the Bind Spirit class feature for prerequisites. At first level you can bind 1st level spirits. Every two levels you may bind a higher level spirit.

Bind Spirit (Su): Each day, you may bind one spirit of your choice. Your binding check equals d20 + your Effective Character level + one ability score modifier of your choice. The DC to resist one of your granted abilities is 10 + 1/2 your Effective Character level + your Constitution modifier (a hearty body is required to effectively channel a spirit’s energy).

15 Cha: You can bind a 2nd spirit to yourself if you have any spirit levels left. Meaning a 6th level binder can bind a 2nd level spirit and a 1st level spirit.

20 Cha: You may bind a bonus spirit equal to your ECL, this may be split up across multiple spirits. Meaning an 12th level binder may bind two 6th level spirits as bonus spirits.

25 Cha: When binding a spirit, you gain a +1 for every 3 ranks in Autohypnosis you have.

30 Cha: When binding to a spirit you may now gain all of it's granted abilities.

35 Cha You may bind epic spirits as if they were a 10th level spirit.

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