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Sarcon's Ring: This ring appears as an ever shifting band made out of Void-Metal.

This is an indestructible item made by Chaos as a gift to her son Sarcon. This ring is said to be his single most important item and to grant it's user unlimited power. This ring is said to drive its users slowly but surely insane. If worn it will change it's user's alignment to the opposite of what it was. For example a Chaotic Evil person would become Lawful Good and will kill them in 1d10 years. The only person safe from this is Sarcon. Lawful people can't be around this ring unless Sarcon is wearing it. Otherwise it will automatically change their alignments to it's chaotic form with no save. The alignment change is temporary and has no further affects such as the loss of class abilities.

Wearing this ring will give the wearer the abilities of a Chaos Born, and the ability to use Wave of Chaos six times per day with a divine rank of six. If worn by Sarcon it gives him the ability to use his elemental form on the material plane six times per day. If it is twisted by Sarcon then it turns into Sarcon's Scythe.
Strong Chaotic Aura, Transmutation; CL ∞;

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