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Sarcon's Scythe: This Scythe seems to be made completely made out of metal. It randomly seems to sparkle in different colors.

This Artifact is a huge +4 void-metal Keen Anarchic Speed Throwing Returning Battle Scythe. This weapon can only be used by those whom it deems worthy. It is completely obedient to Sarcon. The Scythe has an intelligence score of 31, a wisdom of 26, and a Charisma of 30. It can speak any language with tongues. This Scythe has the soul of Sarcon's younger brother. The Scythe grows as Sarcon does. When he is ECL 5 the scythe gains the Keen ability. When he turns ECL 8 it gains the Anarchic enchantment. When he turns ECL 11 it gains the Speed factor. When he turns ECL 14 it gains the +4 enchantment. When he gains ECL 17 it gains the Throwing enchantment. When he gains ECL 20 it gains the Returning enchantment.
Major Chaotic Aura, Conjuration; CL 20th; Weight: 100 lb

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