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The Red Shogunate actually have an economical system as opposed to the western Kingdoms. 

Samurais can be simple paid soldiers from privileged nobility with no other home than a barrack, or have their stake in the feudal commando economy. Best thing is to have both a little money and a little land.

Feudal Property

Platoons of lesser Samurai often live together in barrack and sharing a feudal land of a village or maybe two. Feudal property may only be a farm where you put your children to hard work. If you are an officer of higher sorts you probable have a village that produce what you need for your self and maybe even your soldiers.


Lesser samurai can expect requisition money or manpower from his clan if it serves his mission. Samurai can also lend money from the lower classes by commanding them to lend you the money in the name of the Shogun.

Obligations and Honor Debts

All samurais repay boons and keep oral agreements with each other. If a samurai have helped another samurai or have any family reason to feel obligated they may offer services or help. If you save another samurais life you own him for life but all such things depends on ranks.

The Clan, friends and family

If you don't have a feudal property you will still get backup or you can confiscate citizen property if you can justify. The Clan is a security net that can send family members as proxies to the Shogun for you. Brothers or cousins will volunteer to help in any way they can. Superiors will lend you their entourage of ninjas and spies, if you need it.


Unless he is on a suicide mission. A samurai may request assistance. This usually takes the form of lower ranking Samurai manpower. This manpower consists of peasant warriors from the nearest bastion. Higher ranking Samurai are able to garner more support than lower ranking Samurai.

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