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A race of blue-skinned humanoids created by a powerful magician some eight centuries ago.

Physical Description[edit]

Sacians are very human-seeming, but with distinct skin tones ranging from cool, deep blue to lighter bluish grays with blue, violet, or silver eyes. Their hair is often black with blue, violet, or (rarely) greenish undertones. Most sport extensive tattoos and intricate, symbolic branding. Most wear their hair long and few of their men grow beards.


Created by an exiled magician centuries ago to serve as retainers and soldiers. As their progenitors were created mystically, sacians enjoy a kinship with The Dream (the source of mortal magic).


With few enemies, and originating in cold, mountainous territories of little interest to their neighbors, the small, sacians nations grew peacefully isolated from surrounding countries.

Sacians found outside their lands often exploit their connection to the Dream by acting as magicians, fortunetellers, diviners, or alchemists. Though cautious, they are naturally inquisitive and have none of the inherent superstitions regarding magic and its use present in most human nations.

Additionally, several of their cities are well known for their exquisite glass-works.

Sacian Traits[edit]

A magically created race of blue-skinned humanoids with a mystical connection to dreams.
Ability Score Increase. Your constitution increases by 2 and your intelligence increases by 1.
Age. scacians mature as humans do when young, though they often live nearly half again as long as most humans.
Alignment. Sacian settlements are inclined to be more lawful than those of most other races. Individuals of any alignment are common, though.
Size. Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Investigative. You gain Proficiency with investigation
Sacian Resilience. You have resistance to psychic damage
Native to Dream. You have an advantage on any save to resist natural sleep or fatigue (from poisons, for example). Additionally, you are immune to magical sources of sleep and fatigue
Languages. in the Sanctuary's Lot setting, you can speak, read, and write Sepentroi and Fortuous.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

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