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Eyes of Power Leech: These crystal lenses fit over the user’s eyes. Once per day, the wearer is able to drain power points from another psionic creature or character by meeting its gaze as if using power leech. A selected target within 40 feet must succeed on a DC 16 Will save, or a connection of crackling energy is formed between the wearer and the victim. The connection drains 1d6 power points from the target for every round in which the wearer maintains concentration (to a maximum of 7 rounds). The wearer gains 1 power point from those drained from the target each round (subject to his normal maximum; points he cannot gain immediately are lost).

If the wearer has only one lens, the DC of the Will save is 14 instead of 16.

Eyes of power leech have no effect on nonpsionic targets or psionic creatures with a current power point reserve of 0.

Moderate telepathy; ML 7th; Craft Universal Item, power leech; Price 10,080 gp.

Eyes of Power Leech, Vampiric: As eyes of power leech, except the wearer gains drained power points from the subject even if doing so would bring him over his normal maximum. The wearer of vampiric eyes of power leech can maintain concentration for up to 13 rounds. Power points the wearer gains in excess of his maximum fade after 8 hours if they are not spent before that time.

Strong telepathy; ML 15th; Craft Universal Item, bend reality, power leech; Price 20,160 gp.

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