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Area Divine Shield

Prerequisites: Divine rank 6, Cha 29, Divine Shield salient divine ability.

Benefit: Except where noted here, this ability works like the Divine Shield ability. The deity produces a transparent barrier whose area is up to one 10-foot square per rank, or a sphere or hemisphere with a radius of up to 1 foot per rank. The barrier can be placed anywhere within the deity’s line of sight. The deity can place the barrier so that it is mobile with respect to some unattended object or willing creature. The barrier can be adjusted to ignore certain types of damage, just as a divine shield can. If the deity makes the shield mobile with respect to a willing creature, the deity also can make the barrier one-way with respect to the creature and its allies, allowing them to attack through the shield and still use its protection.

Notes: The deity can shape the shield around itself or around a willing creature so that it is skintight, which prevents the subject from being touched.

Suggested Portfolio Elements: Mercy, protection.

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