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Rulership Item[edit]

a rulership item is not so much an Artifact as a category of artifacts. A Rulership item allows you to control a group of people in a manner similar to a Rod of Rulership-except that the duration is infinite, and they usually can resist its effects. However, all within the radius who know that the ruler exists will probably be influenced somewhat. Their power is most similar to the Culture Control (DnD Epic Spell).

Specific Mechanic[edit]

The Level of command over the people of your state is directly proportional to their NPC attitude. For characters who are helpful, treat as a normal rod of rulership. For characters who are friendly, let them see the owner as a role model and capable leader, generally following orders if they are in line with alignment, or are matters of taste or habit. Indifferent people are generally respectful to the leader, and may unconsciously emulate him. Unfriendly people will probably understand the way everyone else is affected, and may allow themselves to be influenced by some commands, but only marginal ones. Hostile characters are completely incontrolable.

Common Examples[edit]

Few known Rulership items exist. many are specialized, having an extra strong pull over people of a certain group. The two remaining known ones however control barbarians and fey, the two most chaotic creatures in existence, and are virtually worthless. If, however, one wishes to drag a civilization into barbarism, they may prove useful. They frequently are artifacts in their own right.

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