Culture Control (3.5e Epic Spell Seed)

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Seed:Culture Control
Spellcraft DC: 50
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Will, see description
Spell Resistance: Yes, see description

This allows you to shape the culture of any ethnic group or nation within a 500-mile radius. This changes the attitude of all NPCs within one step closer to you. The Alignment of the nation is changed one step on the Law/Chaos Axis. You can create a legal structure, sow the seeds of a Revolution, or send a nation of Savages to War against an Evil Empire. You may also re-write the cultral aspect of someone's brain, altering their muscial preference or other such peripherals. Useless for battle, but if you want to rule a nation, this spell allows you to supplant the Ruler quickly and efficiently, and gives you a chance to create the perfect society.

Material Component: Rod of Rulership

Focus: way to communicate with all members of populace

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