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Rose Quartz' Sword: The sword has a slightly dark pink with a hint of red pommel resembling a rosebud with a rose quartz embedded in it. The guard and knuckle bow of the sword is pink with the guard having an image of a four-petaled white flower in the middle. The grip is dark pink, and the grip, guard, and knuckle bow are inscribed with a twirling thorn design. The sword's cupped hilt and broad blade with its tanto tip are reminiscent of a 17th-century military cutlass. This bright pink blade emits a white aura. At the base of the blade, the rain guard is shaped like a pink rose with the two outer petals being dark pink.

This sword one belonged to the powerful Crystal Gem Rose Quartz, a being who wielded it with delicacy, grace and power.

This is a +5 Improved Critical, Vorpal, Fast Healing 3 Greatsword deals 6d8 damage, and allows the user to cast Restoration, Regenerate and Mass Heal separately 1/day.
Moderate Divination; CL 20; Weight: 45 lbs

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