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Homeworld/Crystal Gems[edit]

From a distant world, Gems arrived on the worlds of men and began a brutal war against Humans to gain their planet and make more gems. Through many Gems also helped the Humans, This caused a fault in the race splitting it under two Creeds, Homeworld Gems and Crystal Gems.


Gems have very varied personalities, Some can be total slobs and lazy while others can be calculated and meticulous. No two gems have the same personalities.

Physical Description[edit]

Gems come in various shapes and sizes within the Small, Medium and Large radius. Gems are also a genderless race that uses female pronouns, and do not reproduce by usual means. If they wish to reproduce with humans they must physically give up their body to make a Half Gem. On some part of their body Gems have a gemstone of some kind; the color of their skin and often their clothing (Their clothing is part of their being, though they can choose to wear clothing that isn't) matches that of the gem. For example, a ruby Gem would be various shades of red; while a pearl Gem would be shades of white or grey, with possible shades of blue.


After the war, Gems on the Homeworld side began to despise Humans and go actively out of their way to hate them. While Crystal Gems are quite the opposite enjoying the company of Humans and the other races of man.


Their is no set alignment amongst the Gems. So it varies from Gem to Gem. Most of the time however Homeworld Gems are Lawful Evil and Crystal Gems are Lawful Good


Gems hail from ether Homeworld, or one of the various Kindergartens that dot between many worlds. Though most do not stay at home and travel throughout the Stars or World they are currently on.


Gems do not usually worship anything. But if they do it is usually a Ideal Based Worship.


All Gems speak Common and use that as their base language, Though many learn at least a secondary language for backup when dealing with other races.


Gems are named after their corresponding gem. When multiple gems are together, They are referred to by their facet and cut (Ex. Rose Quartz, Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG, Etc.)

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +3 to any two physical or mental stat of your choice and +4 to any other two stats of your choice except Intelligence because they gain a +3
  • Humanoid (Living Construct)
  • The size of a Gem ranges from Small(If you take STR -2),Medium(Has no major Physical debuffs)or Large(If you take a +1 Level Adjustment)
  • A Gems base land speed is 40ft
  • Gem Weapon:The Gems have a specific weapon that they can summon at will. Said weapon can be any weapon approved by your DM. You need not worry if the weapon breaks while summoned as it will not stay that way the next time it is summoned. The weapon is treated as if it was made of Mundane Crystal.
  • Gem Reformation:If a Gem takes damages of deadly quality,They can roll a Fortitude Save(DC 5) to retreat back to their Gem state(If failed they break apart and die),If it succeeds then roll a additional 1d4 to see how many days it will take for the Gem to heal and reform it's body.
  • Gem Fusion:If two gems happen to have a strong bond they can fuse into a single, more strong Gem. This is a DC 20 fort check for success. If it works take choose 2 stat's from both sheets and fuse them together then roll a new hit die for the new Gem which will be one category higher then before(Ex. d6 will become a d8).Then, Increase the size category by 1 category; if one is small and the other large, then increase the size category of the larger; then decide on a new weapon for the fusion to summon and wield. This weapon will have any enchantments put on the weapons of the two gems, and should also be a fusion of both weapons (If one gem uses a sword and the other a bow, for example, then it should be bladed bow that can be used in melee or ranged combat.)
  • Gem Transormation: Gems can use Shapechange as an 20th level druid, however their Hit Points remain the same, (They do not heal, and they do not have the hit points of the creature;) and they are still easily recognizable as a Gem, as the colors of their body remain the same, and they still have their gem in the same place on their body. In addition, they can also use Alter Self, but with the same limitations (Gem remains on body, they maintain their colors). When they transform using either of these abilities, they maintain their ability to speak, as well as their original voice.
  • A Gem has a +8 Natural Armor bonus thanks to it's Gemlike Biology
  • Automatic Languages: Common Bonus Languages: Any (Except Secret)
  • Favored Class: Any non-magic
  • Level Adjustment:+0

Vital Statistics[edit]

  • Gems have physical age but gain no debuffs or buffs from said age and do not die from old age.
  • Gems also come in various shapes and sizes so your size can range from anything in your respective radius of size

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