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A rocket is an unguided projectile propelled by solid fuel that delivers an explosive payload to its target. A rocket is the basic ammunition of a bazooka. Rockets for medium sized bazookas deal 3d6 piercing damage on impact, as well as 6d6 bludgeoning damage to everything within 10 feet of the explosion's epicentre. Creature's within 10 to 20 feet from the epicentre are dealt half concussive damage. A successful DC 13 Reflex saving throw reduces the damage by half (within 10 feet), or negates it altogether (within 10 to 20 feet).

A rocket fired from a bazooka has a critical range of 20/×2. On a critical hit, only the projectile's base impact damage is multiplied.

A rocket weighs 4 lb and costs 140 gp. Rockets are bought in either a satchel or bandolier of 5 (for a total of 700 gp).

Magical enhancements: Rockets can be enhanced same as other ammunition, although only in batches of five. The enhancement bonus of a rocket applies differently. In addition to the ordinary effects of the bonus, a rocket's save DC increases by +2 and its concussive damage by +1d6 for every point of enhancement bonus as well. For example, a +1 rocket costs 540 gp, hits with a +1 to attack, deals 3d6+1 adamantine piercing damage and 7d6 concussive damage, and has a save DC of 15. No special magical enhancements can be applied to a rocket.

If a magically enhanced bazooka fires an ordinary rocket, the enhancement bonus only applies to attack and projectile damage.

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