Ring of Armament (5e Equipment)

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Very Rare, requires attunement

Warning extradimensional space in use.

This ring stores up to five sets of equipment. As an action on your turn you may swap out the equipment you currently have on with an equipment set stored within the ring. Note the equipment you have on must have previously been stored within the ring, if it has not the item falls to the ground if it is being replaced by an item from the ring.

A set of equipment is anything that can be reasonably equipped to you at any giving time. A suite of armor, set of boots, pair of gloves, a headband, a single weapon and shield, are all examples of items that can be stored within a single set for a standard humanoid creature.

There are many other set possibilities and you do not need to store every type of item for a set to be complete, one set could be a single weapon and a shield, another set being a two-handed weapon.

If any of the new equipment set items require attunement and you have a free attunement slot or an item that was previously equipped was using an attunement slot, you may use a bonus action to attune to a new item. Doing so removes your attunement to a previous item. On each of your turns you may spend a bonus action to attune to another item that was previously stored within the ring and is now currently equipped.

During your turn if you are not attuned to an item stored within the ring and do not have any attunement slots remaining you may spend a bonus action to become attuned to an item that is equipped and was previously stored within the ring. At the start of your next turn you loose attunement to that item and must use another bonus action to regain attunement to it.

To store an item into an equipment set you must be wearing the items and spend one hour focusing on the ring for, this must be done for each item being stored.

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