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Righteous Command [General, Divine]

With but mere thought the power of good that embraces you strikes the mind of a wicked foe, compelling them to assail you rather than your more fragile companions.
Prerequisite: Must be of Neutral Good, Lawful Good or Chaotic Good alignment.
Benefit: Once per round as a swift action you may invoke a supernatural command backed by the raw spirit of righteousness to compel an enemy to attack you, even if it is against their will.
In order for a creature to be subject to Righteous Command it must not be immune to mind-affecting abilities and must fail a Will save as determined by the following DC; the DC to resist your Righteous Command is equal to your character level plus your Intimidate or Diplomacy skill.
A target compelled by Righteous Command to attack you must do so for 1 round to the best of its ability.
Against targets who are opposed to your alignment by at least one step the DC is increased by +2, and for targets who are opposite your alignment in all respects the DC is increased by +4 instead. Animals and other creatures with an Intelligence score less than 3 gain a +4 bonus to their save against Righteous Command; creatures without an Intelligence score (and thus mindless) are immune to the effect of Righteous Command.
Special: Righteous Command is a supernatural mind-affecting ability.

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