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Resize [General]

Allows the player to change size.
Prerequisite: A Shift or Polymorph ability.
Benefit: Allow the user to change size of themselves or parts of themselves either -2 or +2 size categories from their base size, but extended if you have a size-changing trait.

For instance, if you were Medium, you could become anything between Tiny and Huge. In this same case, if you were a Medium with Gigantism, you could range from Tiny to Gargantuan, expanding the range one size in the opposite direction to the flaw or trait affecting size. You can take this Feat twice. If you do, you have feat Resize (Enhanced), but it takes up two feat slots. Allows you a -4 and +4 range, not including the extension for size-related flaws or traits. See above. See here for a chart of Size Categories.

It takes 10 seconds to grow or shrink one size category.
Normal: You cannot change size.
Special: If you are a Wizard or Sorcerer, and do not have a Shift or Polymorph ability, you can cast this spell once a day as a Level 9 spell; this means you must be able to learn at least one Level 9 spell base on your Level, and have an empty Level 9 slot. You roll a d20. If you get a Natural 1, you're internal organs grow, but you do not, causing you 1d6 damage. 2-10: You grow or shrink half as much as you wanted. 11-19: You grow close to your desired height, DM's choice. 20: You grow/shrink to your perfect desired height (so long as it is in range.) This spell is permanent, and you cannot revert back to normal size without recasting the spell the next day.

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