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Warlock Subclass

Most Warlocks bargain with some or another greater Being for Power. Some siphon Power from Gods or Forces without being noticed. You, however, you tap into the very rules of existing. You siphon the very concept that this world, any world, anything that can and cannot be, is build on. You study, but unlike wizards who see different spells much like a cook sees a recipe, you dare to go deeper. There is no thing as forbidden knowledge. No path to dangerous. You might be mortal, but you are not staying that way in the long run. Your plan is to one day look down on gods the same way you look down on ants at this very moment. There is no limit, you will break the chains of Reality and create your very own.

Being a student, bender and crafter of Reality lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Reality Patron Expanded Spell List
Spell Level Spells
1st Healing Mist, Goodberry
2nd Find Steed, Void Rupture
3rd Elemental Weapon, Plant Growth
4th Polymorph, Greater Invisibility
5th Raise Dead, Treeguard
Charging Magic

Starting at 1st level,

You are able to charge your magic for greater use. When casting a Spell, instead of using its effect right away, you can hold it until the next turn. The incease is based on the Spell you are charging:
• When making a ranged spell attack, you can add half (rounded down) from the hitdice and damage dice of your charged spell to your final cast.
• When your spell requires a saving throw, you can add or subtract half your intelligence modifier to the saves DC (rounded down).
• When your spell has a duration, you can extend or shorten it by 10% for each charge.
• Ask your DM about other possiblitys depending on the Situation you are in. (e.g. relaxing the day limit on raise Dead)
Your require concentration during a charge. If you lose concentration, the magic fades into nothing.
Each time you cast a spell to charge, you need to fullfill the Casting Time, Range and Components as needed for the Spell just as if you would cast it normally. Components are consumed on each casting, Spells in Touch Range need to be touched from first to final cast. If a target leaves your range, the charge fails unless you can immediately pick a new target. The Casting Time is added to each other, you can begin the next spell only after the casting time of the previous is up.
You can only charge a number of Spells equal or less to your intelligence modifier, but at minimum one charge. The final casting, which uses up the charges does not count against it.
Reality Bending

At 6th level,

Once per long rest you can undo damage that was made within a 20 by 20 by 20 foot space within the last 2 days.
You can turn partly ruins into Houses, ash into logs, make broken items and constructs whole, cure deep wounds or heal lost limbs (as long as the limb is also within the space). This Power cannot raise the dead or give back life, as it cannot effect the soul (which has left the space)
Soul Possession

Starting at the 10st level,

You can attempt to possess not the Body, but the Soul of another Being. You must reach a deep meditation to begin to Possession, after which you need 20 -your intelligence modifiers turns to possess the target. Your target must be within 120 feet of you during the whole process and is aware of your attempt to invade it's soul. The target knows from which direction the Possession is channeled and is urged to flee. Animals and other less intelligent being feel a deep panic and urge to flee.
There is no saving throw or protective magic against this attempt, but being of higher power might take longer to take control of. While inside another beings Soul, you control it's body. You can match your victims behavior perfectly to avoid detection. You can use the victims Spells and Skills as it would, but you need to spend your own Spellslots to do so.
Soul Possession is not bound by range or dimension. Should the Victims Soul leave its body, you remain in control of the Soul. You can end the Possession at any time. When doing so, you return to your own body and take 1 damage for each minute you spend in Possession. This damage cannot kill you. Should you fall below 0 HP, you will be unconscious but stable, as if you made 3 death saves. The Victim needs to make a Constitution save (DC 10+your Intelligence modifier) or suffer the same effect.
Reality Bending

At 14th level,

Your familiar can take the shape of any creature that you have studied for accumulated 16 hours and killed at least one member of, up to a maximum challenge rating of 13 + 1 for each successful study and kill.
Your familiar can never take the form of a being with a challenge rating of 17 or higher.

Reality Invocations[edit]

Melee Magic
When making a ranged spell attack against a target within 5 feet, you no longer suffer disadvantage and gain +1 on all Damage Rolls on this attack
Finger Shield
After making a ranged spell attack, you gain + 2 AC against attacks made against you in melee range until the start of your next action.
Source of Progress

Prerequisites: Level 6

When drinking from a full well, fountain or spring that is at least 200 feet deep, you can enchant this source of Water. A creature heals 2d4 + 2 HP by drinking at least one pint of this Water. When the water is removed from the well, it loses -1 HP healed every 12 Hours until it cannot heal anymore.
You can enchant one watersource every 10 years and the water stays enchanted until the watersource drys up, is destroyed or has Remove Curse cast on it. If no source is enchanted at the moment, you can enchant one only 2 weeks after the last one was lost.
Never Ending Road

Prerequisites: Level 9

Haste no longer has any negative effects on you after it ends

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