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Ray of Dawn[edit]

The "Ray of Dawn", also known Spear of Destiny by some, is a +2 holy spear that counts as having a constant daylight spell cast upon it. However, when used against enemies that are of the darkness or shadow subtype, it strikes with devastating power and acts as a +5 holy vorpal bane spear that adds 2d6 light damage, overcomes damage reduction, and has it's base damage modified to 1d12. Wounds dealt to a darkness or shadow creature shine with bright white light, and can only be healed through time (normal 1 HP per day healing) and eliminate the possibility of fast healing.

The Ray of Dawn is a long, slender spear with the shaft made of ivory and the spearhead made of pure legendstone. It is said to be the weapon used by Tiamat to banish Hadried to the Phedigurum, and is considered one of the most potent holy relics. Though it is essentially a priceless item, there are those who have put a price on it and seek it for their own use. There are rumors that it can grant a wish to whomever holds it, but the truth of such power cannot be determined, and such a power may have long since vanished. This item has a market price of 200,000 gp.

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