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Legendstone is an extremely rare dark and translucent substance, flickering occasionally with a greenish-blue inner light. Believed to be used by the Gods to forge their personal arms and armor, Legendstone does not naturally form on the Prime Material Plane, but can be found in mineral deposits on the Outer Planes. It is also possible to artificially manufacture Legendstone through a guarded alchemical process, which is said to involve materials such as gold, platinum, dragon’s blood, a philosopher’s stone, and a variety of gemstones.

Working With Legendstone[edit]

In the hands of an inexperienced smith, Legendstone is dangerous to work with. Craft checks to work with Legendstoneare increased by 10.

On a failed craft check, the Legendstone may emit a pulse of energy.

Roll randomly to determine the result.

d% Effect
01-36 The stone releases an explosive force, dealing 6d6 damage to everything within 20 feet.
37-52 The stone emits a pulse of radiation, dealing 2d6 Con damage to any creature within 30 feet, spoiling any consumables as well (Fort DC 20 for half).
53-66 The stone absorbs all heat from its surroundings, causing anyone who comes within 5 ft. in the next 8 hours to take 2d6 Cold damage per round.
67-78 The stone releases a burst of flame, dealing 2d6 fire damage to the smith.
79-100 The stone sparks wildly but does nothing.

Legendstone Items[edit]

Anything made from Legendstone has resistance 5 against three random elements chosen upon creation, Spell Resistance 5, and regains 5 hit points per day.

The wearer of a set of Legendstone armor will receive the elemental resistance and spell resistance bonuses, but not the regeneration effect.

Melee weapons made from legendstone have a +3 Enhancement Bonus on attack and damage rolls. In addition, the weapon will deal an extra 1d10 of elemental damage on a successful hit, chosen from one of the three elements the weapon resists. This elemental damage type is chosen upon creation, and cannot be changed.

Roll randomly to determine the elemental types the Legendstone item is attuned to:

Table: Legendstone Energy Types

d% Energy Type
01-20 Fire
21-40 Cold
41-60 Electricity
61-75 Acid
76-90 Sonic
91-95 Force
96-100 Divine

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