Ravenous Maw (5e Feat)

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Ravenous Maw

Prerequisites: Lizardfolk
You may use your Hungry Jaws trait two additional times between each short or long rest. The amount of temporary hit points that you gain from using this trait is still equal to your Constitution modifier, however you may now gain up to a total of twice your Constitution modifier in total temporary hit points.

- Normally you only gain your Constitution modifier in temporary hit points and you may only use this trait once between each short or long rest. Now, you may gain a maximum amount of temporary hit points equal to twice your Constitution modifier. Additionally, as temporary hit points are not something that can be healed, you may effectively "recover" them by using the Hungry Jaws trait an additional time. For example, if your Constitution modifier is +3, you would normally gain +3 temporary hit points once per short or long rest. Now, you may gain up to +6 temporary hit points by using the attack multiple times. When your temporary hit points drops below this new maximum, suppose to +4, you may recover some by making the attack again, bringing you back up to a maximum of +6.

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