Raiment of the Fey Queen (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, Legendary (requires attunement)

A elegantly weaved cloak that also resembles an intricate dress that was woven with the hair of a unicorn and the hair branches of an ancient treant and the buttons of a mirage dragon. The hood of the raiment will retract and appear with a scale-like pattern upon the wish of the user. The base look of the raiment is a forest green cloak with the world tree on the back and various branch designs running along the arms and the hood with rainbow colored buttons.

  The Will of the Forest; Loved by Nature: The strands from the treant have allowed the user to become attuned with nature itself. User can use the following spells as cantrips: Entangle, Goodberry, Barkskin, Gust of Wind, Spike Growth, Conjure Animals, Plant Growth, Speak with Plants, Conjure Woodland Beings, Dominate Beast, Commune with Nature, Tree Stride, Conjure Fey, Move Earth, Wall of Thorns, Animal Shapes.
  Protected by Nature: Nature itself has become your guardian. AC becomes 26 with immunity to any nonmagical attacks, poison, disease, and you become resistant to all attacks.
  Blessed by the Dragons: The dragon scales in the raiment make you be recognized as brethren to all of draconian decent. You automatically are considered friends with any dragon regardless of alignment unless proven otherwise and they will not attack you, some of the good alignment may even offer to help you.
  Aura of the Queen: As a queen you must always give off an aura of both authority and compassion. +4 to all wisdom and charisma based skills.
  Mind of a Ruler: As a ruler you must know how to lead your people. Add 6 to your intelligence score and any intelligence based skills.
  Living Cloth: Due to the magical properties inside the raiment it is still alive, but with no will or conscious. It can alter it's appearance to the preferences of the wearer.

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