Raider Armor, Painspike (Fallout Supplement)

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PL 4 On the male version, the torso part seems to be a radiator of some kind from a car or motorcycle. The female torso consists of two metal strainers which form a bra. Under the strainers, you can faintly make out white breast cups cut from a bra. The left shin guard bears some resemblance to Enclave shin guards and the right leg consists of a medical bandage that is also used as a foot covering. Impromptu Armor (Light)

Equipment Bonus +2 Nonprof. Bonus +1
Maximum Dex Bonus +6 Speed (30 ft.) 30 ft
Armor Penalty -0 Arcane Spell Failure
Purchase DC 10 TU/100 Caps Restriction
Weight 6 lb

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