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PL 4 It appears to employ a tire of some kind as the shoulder pad and has a pair of roman sandals as footwear. Around the waist appears to be a mattress or quilt for a bed, and the back of it is a bit burnt. If you look on the right forearm there is the arclight helmet nailed into the leathery sleeve, perhaps used as guard, and the shins are possibly the remainder of baseball shin guards. The female version is vaguely similar, but without a tire shoulder pad, a forged metal bra and a piece of brown fabric covering the left breast under the breast cup and the shoulder. Impromptu Armor (Light)

Equipment Bonus +3 Nonprof. Bonus +2
Maximum Dex Bonus +6 Speed (30 ft.) 30 ft
Armor Penalty -0 Arcane Spell Failure
Purchase DC 15 TU/150 Caps Restriction
Weight 8 lb

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