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RadAway Price: 8 TU/80 Caps; Craft(Pharmaceutical) DC: 20; Fort DC: N/A; Recovery Save Amount: N/A; Weight: 0 lb.

Intended Effect:

Immediate - If suffering from radiation sickness pass the next fortitude save for radiation sickness. Become fatigued

Duration: N/A

Overdose: N/A

Withdrawal Effects: N/A

RadAway is an intravenous chemical solution that bonds with radioactive particles and removes them from the user's system. While Rad-X is designed to increase the body's natural resistance to radiation, RadAway is designed to be used after exposure. Purging the body of radiation takes some time to complete, and anyone using it will experience its adverse effects: it's a potent diuretic and can cause nausea, diarrhea, stomach pains and headaches.


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