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Gameplay Note[edit]

I have linked the races available to players in my own Karthica campaign (and for the non-playable Giri as well) to relevant stats pages (that give all bonuses and such). Other races have no such links, although the DM may wish to create stats for them depending on the nature of his campaign.


Humans have lived in Karthica since the time of the gods. They are adaptable, diverse, and breed rapidly. They also happen to be relatively fragile and short-lived.



Nymphs are stunningly beautiful, ageless beings, thought by some to be divine. They are incapable of reproducing with others of their own kind, and so their population is perpetually decreasing (slowly, as they are ageless, but decreasing nonetheless).

Dryads (use 3.5e Dryads)

Dryads are tree-people. They are all female, and each Dryad becomes pregnant once in its life without the need for intercourse. Dryads are viciously protective of their forests, but quick to help those they see as respectful to nature.

Nyads (use 3.5e Merfolk)

Nyads are underwater dwelling people, who love music and art. They are relatively short-lived compared to other fey, living on average to about 250 years.

Elfren (Elves)[edit]

Elves began as the progeny of fey and humans. While human characteristics predominate, elves live longer, are generally slimmer and more agile, and elves are typically more in tune with natural magic.

Elves can reproduce with humans, fey, or other elves, but only with elves and fey that share the type of their parent fey.

True Elfren (True Elves)

The offspring of Nymphs and mortals. Slender and graceful, True Elfren are intelligent and curious. They have an impressive longevity (some can surpass 300 years of age!).


The offspring of Nyads and mortals. Nyafren live in coastal areas, and have webbed feet and hands to facilitate swimming. They have partially formed gills that allow for 15 minutes of breathing underwater. Their skin dries out quickly and they must soak daily to prevent skin damage.

Dryafren (Forest Elves)

The offspring of Dryads and mortals. Dryafren are typically darker in complexion, with long arms and legs that enable them to climb quickly through trees. They have difficulty digesting meat, and thus are vegetarians (barring unusual circumstances).


Trolls live in the hills and caves of Karthica in scattered bands. They are extremely territorial and love the taste of human flesh. They are considered a bane to civilization and military units have been known to mount costly expeditions against troll dwellings.


The inhabitants of the island of Gir. The island consists almost entirely of a single, massive mountain, and the Giri live inside of it. It is not known how long the Giri have been carving out their labrynthine city in the mountain, and it is difficult to conduct research. The Giri are hostile to any outsiders on the island. They are short, with no hair and a single, small eye in the center of their foreheads. They use simple stone and bronze tools, and it is a sign of their tirelessness that they have carved their homes into the rocky slopes of Mount Gir.


Centaurs are wise nomads, traveling the plains on Olmetir in great herds, or dwelling as hermits high in the mountains of Phylos. They are skilled healers and peerless archers, and make useful mercenaries or guards, if they can be convinced to take such a job.

Hill Folk[edit]

Hill folk are the diminutive beings that live in the hills of Trakylon. They are usually harmless, and are known mostly for their horrible smell and obsession with awful music.


Bandeiri are mysterious, evil creatures, that haunt the swampy flatlands of northern Phyros. They are said to be the size of men, but with long scaly (or furry, according to other sources) snouts, curved horns like those of a goat, and tiny black eyes. As a natural weapon, they have long blade like claws that extend from their unnaturally large middle-fingers.

Bandeiri are said to be adept practicers of magic. Little else is known about the Bandeiri because of their proclivity to torture and eat anyone unfortunate enough to run across them.


Daimons are entities from the spirit-plane, manifested in the material world. They are shapeshifters, and can also inhabit the bodies of non-sentient creatures. Most Daimons are benevolent and helpful, but some are cruel and malicious.

Beast Men[edit]

Beast Men are large, hairy humanoids. They have hoofed feet and sharp claws. Some have antlers, others horns. Most can move bipedally, but some can also drop to all fours for increased speed. They are diverse, with no two beast-men looking exactly alike. Although it is known that they are able to reproduce, it is uncertain how different two beasts can while maintaining impregnation to be viable.


Dwarves are hardy, stocky people from the Mountains of Olmetir. They are expert craftsmen, miners, and warriors. They are also gifted musicians and orators, despite popular conception of them as dull-witted drunks.


Goblins are considered pests by many. They reproduce quickly, are often territorial and expansionist, and will eat almost anything, including other goblins. However, they have organized societies and have at times allied with other races, so they are certainly capable of "civilized" activity.


Many other sentient creatures live in Karthica. Some are isolated monstrosities, such as the Cyclops family of Kreutor. Ogres, satyrs, elementals, and other beings can be found, although not readily. The full extent of the races of Karthica is up to the DM!

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