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Why... why do you wish to destroy something so beautiful?
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Valshock Campaign Setting


Humans are that race we all know and love. Not much has changed about them except culturally, so that will be detailed upon their page.


Nords are the humans that settled in the colder parts of Valshock, such as Runterheim. Many years ago they interbred with giants, which explains their size.


Giants live all over Valshock, but are most common in the northern parts of the world.


Halflings are short and hairy creatures. Although they are indeed a fun loving race and always have a love for the finer things in life, they are more devious than Halflings of other settings.


Avianexi are an avian humanoid species that believe they are dominant in all things.


Voidlings are small manifistations of the void itself. Do not mistake their dark appearence for being evil, though. They are as varied in alignment as humans.


The Dwarves of Valshock are different from normal d20 in very few ways, but their are key differences. They hail from the mountains and live in the deepest reaches of their mountain cities.


Ancient Elves

The Ancient Elves of Valshock are the Elves the most closely resemble the elves of many other D20 systems. They are indeed rare in Valshock, and an endangered race.

Primal Elves

The Primal Elves of Valshock are the more numerous race of elves. They are the true Valshocki elves and are the primal barbaric cannibals that are seen often in the dangerous forests of valshock.

Void Elves

The Void Elves of Valshock resemble Ancient Elves in appearance except for their darker skin. They are however, very different on the inside, for they are the corrupted cousins of the Ancients. They are over all evil and serve the god of the Void.

Green skins[edit]


Goblins of Valshock are different from normal d20 terms of the world. They are no longer cowardly low-level green creatures (Although they are still referred to as green skins), but the Goblins are now a social race composed of a group mentality and are not just pure evil creatures that eat everything, but are creatures, based on a group mentality that does not recognize personal worth... that wants to eat you.

(Goblin variants can also be found on this page.)


Orks of Valshock are also slightly different for a normal d20. they are no longer slow, unintelligent barbarians, but are now complicated creatures filled with a complex tribal mentality. Orks are now a race a lot like humans with just something in their psychology missing.


Ogres of Valshock are a larger type of green skin. They are generally mis-understood creatures, but are rightfully labeled as dim-witted brutes.



The Fae are Sylvan creatures of nature. They are mischievous but good creatures of the forest.

Dark Fae

The Dark Fae are the darker side of Nature. Much like their Fae cousins Dark Fae are mischievous creatures but aim to cause their targets harm and often have a devious plan to kill. They look much like their Fae cousins but usually darker in color


The Bixie are Sylvan creatures of nature, much like Fae. The only difference is they are half bee.



The Vulari are a highly aggressive creatures that hail from another dimension.


The Gnomes of Valshock are much different than normal Gnomes, these gnomes have escaped a foul fate from another dimension.



The Vampyres of Valshock are created by a Primal curse to humanity. They are no longer beautiful "vampires," but are now primal creatures that look only vaguely human unless they are a particularly powerful vampyre, such as a vampyre lord, only then can they take human form again.


The Arisen of Valshock are all undead creatures, but unlike other undead, they are sentient. There are multiple types of Arisen and any race can become one, but it is a separate creature from normal zombies and such.

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