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Multiple Worlds, A Large Variety of Races[edit]

While journeying throughout the two planets (among other places), you will see a large variety of races. While basic races exist, there are homebrew ones included as well. The list is split into three parts; Races native to Biscore (Biscoreans), Races native to Zabett (Zelites), and Otherworlders.

Biscorean Races[edit]

  • Humans - Humans are the most general race, and were the most easily adaptable to the weakening Weave's effects on Biscore. They were the main race to supplement magic with technology, along with Dwarves and Rock Gnomes. These three races spawned something of a technology war to see which race could create the best inventions. Humans focused mainly toward innovation, Dwarves with mechanical development, and Gnomes with fine tuning of already made technologies. Together, they forced each other to be better, causing a boom in technologies. In terms of versatility, Humans are one of the best, but none are the greatest for specifically one thing.
  • Elves - Elves were perhaps the most torn up about the Weave Tear, due to their connection with magic. Along with the Tear, their Fey ancestors seemed to disappear overnight. As such, Elves seem to be a bit lost sometimes, and usually stick to the past in terms of technology, preferring simpler times. Many elves seem to work toward fixing the torn Weave, to no avail. All types of Elves can be found on Biscore, and are less likely to be found anywhere else in the galaxy.
  • Half-Elves - Half-Elves seem to gain both traits from their parents, both wanting to create new technologies and fix what was broken. They appear to be unable to focus on one of the two, however, thinking they can do both at once. Some Half-Elves don't even do either, choosing to focus on adventuring or other enterprises. Still, whatever they do, they'll try their hardest to do it.
  • Dwarves - Dwarves have used their call for ores to work on mechanical development for contraptions. This has lead to the betterment of firearm technology, along with the improvement of steam engines for boats and vehicles. Some dwarfs have even worked on contraptions which can use steam engines to power weaponry, but it's proved unsuccessful.
  • Gnomes - Forest Gnomes and Rock Gnomes have seemed to segregate amongst each other, each of the subraces having a mutual distain toward another. Deep Gnomes aren't found on Biscore, instead located on Zabbet. Rock Gnomes seem to freely live in the world of developing technologies, having the most fun out of the three technological races, trying to make certain things better rather than coming up with new concepts, enhancing engine efficiency and gunpowder appliances. Forest Gnomes think of Rock Gnomes as false Gnomes, constantly working and not enjoying life by lounging around in forests.
  • Goblins* - These cruel, green little guys like to take advantage of those who aren't as well used to the Magic Drought, such as Draak'ar, and enslaving those weaker than they are. They fester best beneath large cities, where they can easily snatch stuff and get away due to their size. Goblins are known to torment towns, and the tear in the Weave hasn't stopped them.
  • Kobolds* - Similar to Goblins in the fact that they are tiny and meek, but nothing else. Instead of crudely beating down large opponents, they prefer to use traps, such as tripwires leading to rocks falling, or oil on small platforms, to take down invaders to their dens. As such, attempting to take down a Kobold colony is near-on impossible. Some smaller towns find it easier to make peace with them, letting them live with them. More faithful Kobolds hate to see that Dragons have mainly been diminished, but a majority of Kobolds seem to not acknowledge it.
  • Draak'ar - Draak'ar are stout-appearing humanoids, looking like a mix between a dwarf and a dragonborn. These beings were made during the Weave Tear, due to most dragons being reaped of their magic and, as well, their majestic form, plagued to constantly be human. Draak'ar can usually be seen living among Human civilizations, although others will stay like their past forms and remain in a well-made cavernous hideout, isolated.
  • Animated Armors - Also created with the tearing of the Weave, were the Animated Armors, some calling them Anarmors. Fully capable of thought and sentience, these being created by pure magic entering a suit of armor are typically guards for castles, as they're essentially normal guards which don't need food. Anarmors can also be good adventurers or bounty hunters, but are rarely seen doing any job which doesn't involve at least a little bit of physical danger.
  • Kenkus* - These humanoid crows seem to be one of the only few who have benefitted from the Weave. When it happened, they were granted back their ability of creativity. With this, they can speak normally in any language they know. Besides this, many stereotypes of Kenkus still linger around Elven and Dwarven cities, with them being just burglars or crooks. However, they can still be good people, if given the right treatment.
  • Goliath** - In the most northern regions, the Golaith's reign. Mainly known for being good for physical strength and lifting heavy loads, these monsters of humanoids are heavily adapted for cold weather. Not much has really changed for Goliath society, as they still mainly stray away from other places. Not too many go for adventuring, since they are heavily self-reliant.

Zelite Races[edit]

  • Gith*** - Both Gith races are considered to be the Humans of Zabbet, as they are the most common race on the planet next to Farspawns. The two races seem to live well with each other, being most of the population in the central city of Zabbet. Gith can be seen doing mainly any job, and fulfill large places in society.
  • Genasi** - Genasi only resonated on Zabbet after the Weave's Tear, although they merely appear spontaneously when a humanoid race (like Gith, Tieflings, and Hobgoblins) have a kid, appearing as a Genasi instead of the base race. Genasi are affectionately referred to as "Magic Accidents" by certain races. They usually have a tough time being accepted by their parents, and struggle with normal lives.
  • Hobgoblins* - Almost like some kind of bizarre happenstance, Hobgoblins are usually only seen on Zabbet, opposed to Goblins which only appear on Biscore. These commanding creatures are usually seen as leaders of militaries, and are well respected in most places.
  • Bugbears* - Sneakier goblinoids, Bugbears are typically rare even on an alien planet. Bugbears will usually make small villages on unnamed islands, and are known for dismantling other villages to take it as their own. No matter what, however, they will never challenge a Hobgoblin in direct conflict, as they usually fear them for their lethality.
  • Dragonborn - Dragonborn originate as simple blips where Dragon's magic once was, typically appearing at a mature age (with exceptions being noted). Dragonborn seem to act like actual dragons, conquering smaller villages with their breath weapons. They have a deep hatred for most races, with the exceptions being Tieflings and Imps.
  • Farspawns - Eldritch beings compared to humans, but normal on Zabbet. Farspawn are near Gith with the most populous race, mainly being friendly toward many. They usually spend their lives casually, not dissimilar to Gnomes. They despise, however, races with open hostility toward them. When they see those which hate them, they openly attack them, usually using horrifying methods of dicing up people.
  • Imps - Tiny infernal beings, Imps are usually residing anywhere in the world. They are seen mainly in businesses which are shady at best, or just as rogues which easily sneak by. Whatever the case, Imps usually aren't up to any good.
  • Tieflings - Tieflings are usually seen the same way Genasi are, where instead of a normal kid being born, a Tiefling is. However, some cultures deem Tieflings as blessings from Bolezemut, and thus usually treated well in these few places.
  • Beheaded - What do you get when you cross a strange plant and a dead person? You get one of these. Beheaded are few and far between, since the plants used to create beheaded are scarce. What beheaded do remain, are usually treated like normal people, and can convince others they are normal despite their head looking off.


  • Otherworlders - If you want to make a race which is very similar to humans, but just a bit different to make a difference, you can! Just slap them on a planet you just made up the name of, give the race another name, and you can play as them. There are two R.F.A's which are already made, but you can just as easily come up with your own.
Delfiads - Third Eye, Purple Skin, Exoskeleton -- Talented, Armored, Lasting
Vacov - Frills, Weirdly Thin Frame, Yellow or Green skin -- Leap(2), Boneless
  • Waddle Dees - These cuddly little guys are... certainly not threatening, at least appearance-wise. They are best seen working under a stronger being than them, although a few can exist as adventurers.
  • Locathah° - These weird looking fishfolk can be found around certain planets, mainly aquatic ones.
  • Triton* - Like Locathah, Tritons mainly reside on mostly aquatic planets, and act as guardians to sealife on said planets.
  • Lizardfolk* - Lizardfolk are most common on very archaic planets, and on such will dominate others with their large, sharp jaws and armored skin.
  • Changeling°° - The race which can be anything. If they do reside on Biscore or Zabbet, it's most likely that no one's noticed, due to their morphing abilities. It's unknown how Changelings are, or if they have a society on their own, all that's known is horrible rumors of a neighbor's face completely changing behind closed doors.
  • Grey Aliens - When you think of aliens, your mind will usually go to one of these. The stereotypical flying saucer owners, they find it hard to be like other races, and adapting to Biscorean or Zelite cultures. Rumor has it Grey Aliens come from the Moon, but this is mere speculation.
  • Parasites - Beings which cannot exist without another. Purely limited to the power of a host, Parasites take over other beings and use their bodies. Very similar to Changelings in the fact that Biscoreans may live among them without knowing in the slightest.

* This race appears in Volo's Guide to Monsters.
** This race appears in Elemental Evil Player's Compendium.
*** This race appears in Mordenkaiden's Tome of Foes.
° This race appears in Locathah Rising, Extra Life 2019.
°° This race appears in Eberron - Rising from the Last War.
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