Quarterstaff Channeler (5e Feat)

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Quarterstaff Channeler

Prerequisites: Ability to cast at least one spell, quarterstaff proficiency
You have learned how to channel magic through your Quarterstaff.

  • You can use a Quarterstaff as a spell focus.
  • As a bonus action, a number of times per long rest equal to the modifier from your spellcasting ability (at least one) plus your proficiency bonus, you may imbue a quarterstaff with elemental damage based on a cantrip you know. This quarterstaff will now deal 1d6 damage of this element type in addition to its regular damage. This effect lasts one minute, and only you may take advantage of it. You may choose not to deal this extra damage, or to only deal it. If you drop the quarterstaff for any reason the effect ends. With each attack, you may also expend a single spell slot to add a number of elemental d6's equal to the spell slot's level. Doing so counts as using a spell, so any applicable metamagic feats can be used.

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