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Push Magic Device [General][edit]

You temporarily increase the effectiveness of the items that you use.


Use Magic Device 4 ranks, Cha 13 or better


You may attempt to temporarily increase the effectiveness of the magic items that you wield, but the results are not certain.

When you make a Use Magic Device check, you attempt to replace your caster level with that on the item. To use this ability, you must declare that you are using this feat before you make your Use Magic Device check. If your Use Magic Device check succeed, the device's caster level equals Use Magic Device check roll - 20. A resulting caster level of 0 or less means that the device does not operate. Your caster level may never be more than your character level.

When using this ability on a device where you do not normally need a Use Magic Device check, you must still make a Use Magic Device check, DC 20. If your caster level is 0 or below, the device does not function.

In no case may the resulting caster level be greater than your character level.

This ability does not work with artifacts or relics.


Each item has its own caster level.

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