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<-Puppet Grappler->[edit]

<-The Puppet Grappler will typically want to stay out of the middle of the fray and use the one medium-to-large, Extremely realistic puppet, created by them, to lock-down foes on the field, defend allies, and annoy enemies->.

Making a <-Puppet Grappler->[edit]

<-The Puppet Grappler isn't there to do the killing but to make it easier for It's party to do the killing. The required stats for a Puppet Grappler varies depending on your chosen starting Fate, however CON isn't a top priority (given the gracious hit die) if you know how to stay on the edges of the battle out of site->.

Abilities: <-Having no real damaging abilities at its disposal knowing when to hold one enemy down and when to be a distraction is key. latter on in the class you will get the ability to make your puppet take blows for your allies->.

Races: <-all races that have hands really....->.

Alignment: <-Any alignment will work if you can come up with a good reason for The Puppet Grappler to be that way->.

Starting Gold: <-starting gold; 2d6->×10 plus enough to make a puppet only to make a puppet

Starting Age: <-"Simple"->.

Table: The <-Puppet Grappler->

Hit Die: d<-8->

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +0 +0 +0 <-Puppeter's Fate, Mind strings, Puppet, Create Puppet->
2nd +1 +2 +2 +2 <-improved maneuvers->
3rd +1 +2 +2 +2 <-Bonus Feat->
4th +1 +2 +2 +2 <-Modify Puppet, UnModify Puppet, puppet wall->
5th +2 +2 +3 +3 <-Better Joints->
6th +2 +2 +4 +4 <-Arcane Modification->
7th +2 +2 +6 +4 <-Bonus Feat->
8th +3 +2 +7 +5 <-Master Hand-work->
9th +6 +3 +8 +9 <-Puppet Feats, Expert Maneuvers->
10th +6 +3 +10 +10 <-Kamikaze Puppet->
11th +8 +4 +10 +10 <-.....->
12th +9 +4 +10 +10 <-Puppet WALL+->
13th +10 +4 +10 +10 <-Assist with "string"->
14th +10 +5 +10 +10 <-regeneration pulse->
15th +11 +6 +11 +12 <-......->
16th +13 +6 +11 +12 <-Give a Hand->
17th +13 +6 +12 +13 <-Master of Maneuvers->
18th +13 +6 +12 +13 <-2-Puppets->
19th +14 +6 +12 +14 <-Double Up->
20th +15 +7 +13 +15 <-Sentience...->

Class Skills (<-5-> + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
<-Bluff, Perform:sideshow (a way to get a few coins for a meal or something) Craft, Biocraft, search, spot, listen, move silently, use rope, .....->.

Class Features[edit]

<-THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING->. All of the following are class features of the Puppet Grappler.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: <-None cant use anything the Puppet Grappler or its puppet->.

Puppeter's Fate: there are 3 possible fates; Fate of Strength, Fate of Dexterity, and Fate of Charisma. you chose one of these upon starting this class.

                Fate of Strength: your Strength modifier is added to every roll for the puppet regardless of what the puppet is doing
                Fate of Dexterity: your Dexterity modifier is added to every roll for the puppet regardless of what the puppet is doing
                Fate of Charisma: your Charisma modifier is added to every roll for the puppet regardless of what the puppet is doing

Mind Strings: strings that come from finger like appendages (one per "finger") (in theory fingers, wings, extra arms, ect. (get creative) can control the strings) that manipulate the puppet. these strings can't be broken, until the puppet or the Puppet Grappler fall, and can persist but not be made in an anti-magic field range of 300ft and give full awarness of the puppet location if not visible

Puppet: what makes this class go round. controlled by Mind strings.(takes 5 "fingers" to control a puppet) same lvl as Puppet Grappler. (all Puppets are put into an armor-less garb of some-kind for optimal maneuverability) there are 4 types you only can have one until 2-Puppets skill, however, you may make another puppet causing your first to disintegrate or obtain another that was created by someone else then claimed by you without yours or theirs disintegrating, until you "claim" a different Puppet you did not make it will remain intact. (all puppets hit dice is 1d10 and levels up with your Puppet Grappler's Level. note: puppets cant get feats until specified)a puppet is moved (30ft base groundspeed) for half an action and Acts for half an action allowing the Puppet Grappler to move or act as well. When a puppet runs out of HP it takes 1 full day of concentrated work to fix to full health otherwise 2 hours can fully repair a puppet. when in a grapple they can hit for 1d6+ Puppeter's Fate modifyer + 1/2 grapple modifier rounded down.

                Soul Puppet: the most "evil" of the 4. made from the body and soul of a dead ANYTHING that can die and is medium sized, has the WHATEVER'S Strength, Dexterity,
                       Constitution, Bonus Armor, and Damage reduction
                Replica Puppet: A rather neutral Puppet. Made to look like a person but gets Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution rolled (1d20) and bonus armor of 4.
                Animal Puppet: A "good" Puppet. Made to look like an animal of ANY type (The Puppet is still Medium).  Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution are rolled (1d20) and bonus
                       armor of 2 and Strength +3 Dexterity +8 and Constitution -6 (Constitution can go no lower than 4 on this puppet).
                Abomination Puppet: A "Chaotic" Puppet. Can literally look like anything that was given arms and legs (want a rock with arms and legs go for it). No matter what it has 18 
                       Strength 8 Dexterity and 16 Constitution with a damage reduction of 4.

Create Puppet: (others can be trained if they want to watch) The Puppet Grappler can now create any of the puppets above: the Soul Puppet Takes 3 Full days to make requires a 15 or higher on a Biocraft check (if a 20 is rolled +2 damage reduction on the puppet) and is free. The Replica Puppet take 3 hours to make 300 gold and a 13 or higher on a craft check (if a 20 is rolled you may re roll all stats until they are over 14). the Animal Puppet takes 2 hours 350 gold, and a 12 on a craft check (if 20 is rolled remove the Constitution -6) to make. The Abomination Puppet takes 4 hours 250 and a craft check of 14 or higher (if a 20 is rolled Dexterity becomes 10) to make.

Improved Maneuvers: +2 on all puppet grapple attempts

Modify puppet: You can add to your (or claimed) puppet for 100 gold and 1 hours work: stretchy joints to be able to grapple 2 opponents within 15ft of each other or all within 5ft at once, a Noise Maker to be able to taunt ALL (even if you cant see them) enemies in a 20ft radius unless they pass a will save of 13+ Puppet Masters Fate Modifier and base attack bonus, an Armored endoskeleton for a bonus 4 armor (2 additional damage reduction on an Abomination puppet), or a lighter frame for +2 dexterity and +20ft ground speed. NOTE: only one modification at a time.

UnModify puppet: remove a modification for 1 hour and keep it to reinstall later FOR FREE and 1 hour work later.

Puppet Wall: If an ally is within the puppets groundspeed and is going to take damage,once per 3 full rounds, the puppet can intercept the blow and take half damage.

Better Joints: The Puppet Grappler now has attuned his joints to the trade and gives the puppet +2 on all rolls

Arcane Modification: for 300 gold and 3 hours work allow your puppet to cast 1 spell of your choice lvl 1-6, once every 5 full rounds for a lvl 5-6 spell, once every 4 full rounds on a lvl 4 spell, 3 full rounds for a lvl 3 spell, and once a turn for a 1-2 lvl spell

Master Hand-Work: the Puppet can ungrapple and grapple a different enemy?enemies as a free action

Puppet Feats: Give the puppet 2 feats (that are not about weapons (fists dont count as weapons)) from the fighter feats.

Expert Maneuvers: +4 to all puppet grapple attempts

Kamikaze Puppet: You may send in your puppet to explode in a 15ft radius dealing 3d20+10 for a soul puppet, 3d20+5 for a Replica or Animal Puppet damage and, 4d20 for an Abomination puppet. The puppet become unrepairable no matter what. THATS IT FOR THE PUPPET ITS DONE (make a new one)

Puppet Wall+: same a puppet wall but once every full round and 1/4 damage

Assist with "String": attach 5 mind strings to a willing ally to give your Puppeter's Fate bonus to them.

Regeneration Pulse: whatever has mind stings attached heals for 2d6 this round, 1d6 next round, and 1d4 the next. castable every 2 rounds

Give a hand: when initiative starts you get a "free hand" (5 extra "fingers") to use mind strings with

Master of Manuvers: +6 for puppet grapple attempts

2-Puppets: the Puppet master can now control 2 puppets at once and have to self made puppets

Double Up: The Puppet master can now have 2 puppets combine to make 1 large puppet that counts as 2 and takes 10 strings to control. it takes the highest stat from either Puppet for Strength Dexterity and Constitution and gets +4 strength -2 Dexterity And +4 Constitution. it gets half of the damage reduction and bonus armor of both puppets added together and takes 2 mods to modify.

Sentience...: your puppets can now act on their own for 2 rounds every 6 rounds.

Ex Puppet Grappler[edit]

If a Puppet Grappler is without a puppet for 5 days it looses 1 lvl per day after the 5 days (harsh aint it)

Epic Puppet Grappler[edit]

Table: The Epic <-class name->

Hit Die: d10

Level Special
21st <-Puppet feats->
22nd <-Painful Maneuvers->
23rd <-Puppet Feats->
24th <-Bonus feat->
25th <-->
26th <-->
27th <-3-Puppets->
28th <-Give Another Hand->
29th <-Puppet Feats->
30th <-triple Up->

<-7-> + Int modifier skill points per level.

Painful Maneuvers: puppet grapples now do damage equal to Puppeter's Fate modifier+ Base Attack bonus+ grapple bonus per round the target is grappled

3-puppets: adds a 3rd puppet that YOU can craft and use at once and can make 2 puppets act at once for the same turn cost.

give another hand: another 5 "fingers" for mind strings->

Triple up: add the third puppet to the large puppet after 4 hours of CONCENTRATED work to make it Huge and gets all the bonuses flat of the third puppet. moving this takes normal turn amount

<-Human-> <-Puppet Grappler-> Starting Package[edit]

Weapons: <-NONE YA DINGUS cant use any worth a hoot->.

Skill Selection: this varies so much to make an example would be quite hard

Feat: <-things that help you go more unnoticed during combat most likely->.

Bonus Feats: " "

Gear: normal clothing and an Abomination puppet of a cow body with human arms and wolf legs and a cat head some rations and a bedroll

Gold: like 0 cuz it made a puppet

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a <-class name->[edit]

Religion: usually a god of defending if any

Other Classes: <in a city they CAN pass as street performers or that the puppet is a mute friend so not much is thought of them. in battle they prove their worth. a any high damage class and a "tanky" class works well a healer is always good until you get regeneration pulse.

Combat: <-Typical role in combat->.

Advancement: <-Get creative. Virus/mayday, animal handler,->.

<-Puppet Grappler-> in the World[edit]

If it dies i "bring" it back, if its pretty i make another if its agile and strong same thing, if im feeling like it ANYTHING is possible.
—<-"Elder" S.->, Evil human Puppet Grappler

<-Where characters of this class fit in a d20 world.->

Daily Life: <-repair the puppet..... then whatever..... its a free world out there->.

Notables: <-notable NPCs of this class->.

Organizations: <-info on what, where, when, and how characters of this class congregate and assemble->.

NPC Reactions: <-How NPCs react to PCs of this class->.

Puppet Grappler Lore[edit]

if you ask one... it has a bright history filled with people wanting to save friends....... if you look deeper..... it all started because of a man who wanted to keep his wife alive then use her for various evil doings unannounced to the town he ran... that is all that is known other than they are still out there the man and his "wife"

Puppet Grapplers in the Game[edit]

<-they, typically, fill a support-y role but if done right can become a tank class or even a dps later on or a medic->

Adaptation: <-a full abomination triple up huge tank or a full soul puppet trio that all grapples one dude and takes him out->.

Sample Encounter: <-you cant find the Puppet Grappler himself only his puppet->.

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              Justis McCann
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