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Of the many monstrous beings bred into existence by the mind flayers, few are as horrid—or as direct in their purpose—as the psychosaurs. Born from grotesque experiments conducted on ordinary dinosaurs, psychosaurs combine the strength and ferocity of these reptilian beasts with increased intellect and psionic power.

Grotesque Appearance. Psychosaurs are readily distinguished from normal dinosaurs by their oily, iridescent scales and their exposed, oversized brains. Their cortices glow and pulsate with an eerie light whenever they call upon their innate psychic powers. Dinosaurs that normally possess feathers lose them when converted into psychosaurs.

Faithful Servants. Psychosaurs are slavishly devoted to their illithid masters, a loyalty that was bred into them on a genetic level. Each kind of psychosaur was bred to fulfill a specific purpose, and in the absence of their masters they will continue carrying out these tasks to the best of their ability.

Examples of psychosaurs include:

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